About Jordan

When you hire Swiger Photography, you also get Amanda's other half, Jordan Swiger!  This incredibly funny, sweet, and super good looking sidekick is what keeps wedding timelines in check, holds bags and props at shoots, tests light, helps clients be perfectly posed, gets little ones to smile, keeps dads and groomsmen where they gotta be and is known by many of their clients as the best dress fluffer around.  Beyond all of that she keeps Amanda caffeinated and is the number one cheerleader of this business.

Jordan's full time job is working for the IBEW Local 98 as a kickbutt electrician and spends most of her free time coloring, watching Blue Bloods and House of Cards, playing with their dogs, and of course, working with Amanda.  Her smile will disarm you and her sarcastic sense of humor will immediately have you at ease, but if you wanna make this girl your bestie give her a redbull or sneak her a shot of fireball.  Because who doesn't need a little whiskey to make their day better!  Jordan also love animated movies (Minions being the number 1 fav!), big trucks, chewy Sprees, fancy watches and shares Amanda's love of On The Border.  And while most don't know this, Amanda will tell you Jordan is most sensitive and giving person she knows!

Here are some of our favorite BTS shots of Jordan! :-)