Philadelphia Lesbian and LGBTQ Photographer

The real life, madly in love, always overly caffeinated, adventure ready, community focused, southern-meets-midwest couple behind Swiger Photography.  

We are a hybrid wife and wife team, shooting weddings together with each of us approaching your wedding day with a unique eye and style!  Amanda is more traditional and creative, getting you the kind of photos you will want to frame and remember for years, while Jordan is strictly photo journalism, capturing all of those candid moments that happen on a wedding day!  

Amanda is also the one you will schedule a boudoir, portrait, engagement or headshot session with, so read one to learn more about us!  

Things you should know about 

Swiger Photography!

Quality Wedding Photographer Philadelphia PA

We have worked with over 300 couples, shot hundreds of portrait clients and over 100 community events.  We've also worked with huge companies like McDonalds and Chevy!

Award Winning LGBTQ Wedding photographer

We were chosen as the PGN Philadelphia Best Small Business for 2014 & 2015, The Best Philly Wedding Photographer for 2018 by Philly Happening and was named a Thumbtack Philadelphia Top Pro FIVE times in a row! We've also been published in Philadelphia Weekly, The Inquirer, The Knot, Equally Wed, Dancing With Her and more!   

Queer Wedding Photographer

Unashamedly support the right of ALL couples (especially our LGBTQ ones!) to be able to get married to the person of their dreams and to to celebrate their love in whatever way makes sense to them!  We love backyard, ballroom, small, big, religious and casual!  Love is love ya'll!  

The lesbian photographer Philadelphia PA Amanda Swiger

Hi ya'll - I'm Amanda!

Almost 8 years ago I was sitting in class at Philadelphia Biblical University (now Cairn University!) and it hit me.  While I loved the idea of being a social worker and helping people, it didn't give the outlet for my creativity or allow me to be my own boss like I had always wanted.  So I dropped out of school and began hustling to create a business I adore.  At the time, I was told I was crazy, but looking back I wouldn't trade that decision for the world!

I was raised a southern girl and while I have lived in PA now for over half of my life, I knew I wanted my business to have that sense of hospitality and personal touch that I grew up loving.  I also loved looking at my mom's family photos and seeing how images from a 100 years ago still told a story.  

I like to say my style is a mix of tradition with creative twist!  To me, photography should be both personal as well as something that last long beyond when the image was taken.  I use your pinterest, trendy and crazy requests as something that adds to a session, but isn't what makes up a bulk of the images, so that what you receive after our time together is both personal to you and timeless!

I work to get to know my clients, helping them plan for our session and then work them through a series of fun poses all while asking them to do little prompts to get natural, genuine looking images. I promise, it's actually a lot of fun!  This is one of the reasons we included a complimentary engagement session with almost all of our wedding packages!  This allows us the chance to work together before the big day and for me to get to know both of you!    And then, on your wedding day, you fall right into those perfect poses without any effort at all and I get to photograph all the natural joy, excitement and love that comes!  

Lesbian Photographer Philadelphia Boudoir
Affordable Photography Award Winning LGBTQ Photographer

While weddings are a huge part of Swiger Photography, I am deeply passionate about making women feel confident, seen, and beautiful which is why we have recently added our very studio to the mix so we can offer private headshot, boudoir and branding sessions year round!  Our studio is located in the Harrowgate neighborhood of Philadelphia and we would love to have you there for a session!

Boudoir is something that can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people and thats ok!  To me, boudoir is about being seen as a woman by another woman, about strength found in vulnerability, about showcasing beauty and sensuality, and about feeling like the damn queen that you are.  Its about deep breaths and nerves and doing it anyways.  Its about laughter and jamming out to Beyonce or The Weeknd.  Its about saying this is me and I am proud of her.  

Because of that, I don't believe that boudoir is a once in a life time experience or about overly sexed up poses or even about the perfect hair and makeup.  Its about you. Whoever you are, wherever you are in life, whatever you are going through or celebrating.  And its about me living that kind of life openly for all of you so that when you show up to your session, you know me and you feel like you can trust me.  So let's do this.  Let's make some magic together.  



When Jordan and I got married in April of 2014, we did things a little different than most couples...

 Photo credit to  Tara Beth Photography

We went from best friends to married in less than 6 months, which meant we planned our wedding day in 74 days and all on a $1,000 budget.  It was CRAZY.  And while I didn't get the wedding day of my dreams, I learned so much about the wedding industry and I got to marry the person of my dreams and start the rest of the lives together.  So while I love all weddings and love stories, back yard weddings and best friends turned spouses, will always be my favorite!  

Philly Skyline

We Love Philly

We love our little part of the city and getting to watch the sun set behind the skyline every night.  After a few years in the suburbs, we're back baby!



Furgie is our adorable rescue pup who is a round 5 years old and we swear is part cat.  She LOVES Jordan, sunbathing, snuggles and snagging scraps of the floor when Amanda is cooking.  

United By Blue Coffee Shop


Amanda runs her life and business on coffee and can often be seen sitting at her fav local coffee shop, United By Blue working.  Her drink of choice?  Vanilla latte, hot or iced!



She's Mrs FixIt

Jordan not only can build or fix almost anything, she likes it!  She will happily take any excuse to spend an hour in Home Depot or to build something rather than buy it an while Amanda doesn't share her love of home improvement stores, she does find her Mrs Fixit pretty dang sexy!  


Amanda loves makeup

While there is def a lot still to learn Amanda has recently fallen in love (thanks to Jordan) with Sephora and all the makeup things.  The most recent obsessions?  Highlighter and Morphe palettes.  

Lesbian Proposal

Jordan is great at surprises

At the grand opening of the studio in March 2018, Jordan surprised Amanda by getting down on one knee in front of their friends and family and gave her a new wedding ring set after her previous ring was stolen months before. Proof, despite what Amanda had been saying for the last 4 years, that Jordan is actually really great surprises.  


Ask any of our clients...

...they will tell you Jordan is the extra bit of magic to Swiger Photography.  And she is a huge part of why we get named one of the top professionals year after year. Wanna know why?

  • She is hilarious with corny jokes, the ability to ease tensions and calm even the most stressed bride.  
  • Veil shots!  They take lots of hands and she knows exactly how to make them magic!
  • You always have two people to fuss over you and help you pose!  And if your a couple, she's there to help Amanda be the other person so they can show you exactly what they want ya to do!
  • She keeps Amanda hydrated, fed and on time!
  • She's got an eye for the details.  She'll be the one straighten ties, adjusting the flowers, moving things and doing whatever Amanda needs to get that perfect shot.  
  • She sees things way different than Amanda, which means your images have her photojournalism point of view along with the images you've come to expect with Amanda.  
  • Hanging the bride's dress for that perfect shot without getting it dirty is also her speciality!  
  • She's got dress fluffing DOWN.  Regardless of your dress, she knows how to not just fluff it just right but she can get you in it if your bridesmaids can't!  And she knows a few tricks for when you need to finally pee after all that champange!  
  • Got a pesky BFF or pushy mom?  Jordan is great at diffusing situations and making sure our clients get EXACTLY what they want!
  • She's who brings the bride or groom to the first look location and gets them excited to see their soon to be spouse!
  • She speaks fluent groom and groomsmen/bridesmen!  Ties, boutonnieres, pocket squares, keeping the beers out of the shots...she's got it covered!
  • And if your wedding is super fun, you might even catch her breaking it down at the end of night after we've packed up!  


Wanna see her in action?