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If you are anything like me, you probably don’t hear that said about you often enough. I know first hand how quickly the world can make you feel like you are too flawed, too big, too small, to queer, to feminine, too much. And its hard to believe that all those voices are wrong, but ohhhh how they are. And boudoir is my way of proving those voices wrong.

Being a Philadelphia area boudoir photographer allows me the unique opportunity to show you some of the best parts of yourself and give you something to physically remember that experience with. It’s not about the outfits or the poses, but about you falling in love with the person you already are and about finding new things to love about yourself. But don’t worry, while it may not be the point of the photos, I will be there every step of the way to help you choose outfits that make you feel amazing, give you poses that make your booty look the best ever and giving you little tricks to get those oh so sexy expressions. It will all feel a little silly at first but after a few minutes, you’ll start saying, “wow this is more fun than I thought it would be!!”

None of the babes you see in my portfolio are professional models, they were all real women, nervous for their session, so trust me, the nerves are normal!  The number of clients who email me the week of their sessions saying they are seconding guessing this is high but they are the same ones who reach out after and say how happy they are that they did it! So you’ve got this, babe! Le’t create some magic together!

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 So glad you asked! If you have already decided to do a boudoir session, chances are you will look around at your options and I encourage you to do so! Boudoir is an intimate experience, so you want to feel 100% comfortable with the person you are working with and with the style of photos they take! You’ll also wanna understand what is included, if they have any order minimums, and how you get to see the magic you create!

When I put together our boudoir packages, I had a clear idea that I wanted to offer something very different than my competitors. Most boudoir sessions require you to pay a smaller fee up front that usually includes professional hair and/or makeup as well covers the session itself but doesn’t include your images or products. They will most often have you come back in for a reveal session where you get to see your images, talk about what you want to purchase and walk you through your options! Most of these photographers only include digitals in their highest product package so if you are hoping to be able to have your images on your phone or be able to post online, be aware that while their session fees are low, you have to pay a lot (most of the Philadelphia area photographers charge $650+) to get those digital images. And you are usually required to buy an album.

Our packages are NOTHING like that! Let me break down your options for you!


Package One - Your session fee of $450 includes your hour and a half session, unlimited outfits in that time and access to our size inclusive client wardrobe. All of your 80+ digital images are delivered via a private online gallery with a print release. You have the option of adding on professional hair and makeup because I believe that you should be able to choose whether or not that is something you want as well as the option of purchasing additional products! But you never have to!


Package Two - This is for the babe that wants it all! Your session fee of $950 includes it all! Your 4 and a half hour experience will begin with professional makeup and light hair styling and then we will shoot an unlimited number of outfits in your 2.5 hour session! You also have access to our client wardrobe and the option for a headshot and/or beauty look/s. Your package also includes over 120 final edited images, private online gallery and a beautiful little black book album with 10 spreads and 30 of your favorite images!

Plus Size Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer

Add On’s

Professional Makeup - $120

Light Hair Styling and Professional Makeup - $160

Headshot Look - $150

Custom Wood Box with 50 Fine Art 4x6 Prints - $350

5x5 Little Black Book - $500

8x8 Leather Bound Album with 10 spreads - $850

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 Let me walk you through the process from start to finish!

  • You reach out to me and let me know you are looking to do a session! Its awesome to include when you are looking to do the session and to reach out 2-3 months in advance of when you are looking to do yours!

  • I’ll walk you through your options of adding on professional hair and makeup as well as give you some DIY tips to make sure you look exactly how you want to for your session!

  • We will then talk through outfit ideas, an areas of your body that you are self conscious about and what all to bring for your session.

  • Next, we will find a time for your session! My calendar books out several months in advance so we will look at your options for time and date and then…

  • You’ll book your session! You will pay $250 at the time of booking to retain your spot. This is non-refundable but does become a credit should you need to reschedule your session.

  • You get to go shopping for your outfits! I’ll have given you some of my fav shops to check out and you’ll use what we talked about to shop for pieces that make you feel ahhhhmazing! I will also talk you through what types of pieces we have in your size in the client closet!

  • About a week and half out from your session you’ll get an email from me reminding you that the nerves are normal and checking in to see if you have any questions!

  • Its time for your shoot! Yay!!! You’ll show up nervous and thats totally ok! We’ll lay out all the fun stuff you brought and look at the pieces I have in the client closet for you as well and then choose an order to photograph them. I usually start with things that are more covered and then we work up to the other stuff unless you just wanna jump right into the deep end! I’ll show you images on the back of my camera to get you comfortable and I’ll tell you lots of corny jokes and the session will FLY by!

  • The next day you’ll receive 5-8 preview images from our shoot together! This is just to give you a little taste of how the shoot went and to get you excited to see the whole gallery

  • 4 weeks later you’ll have all of your gorgeous images in your gallery! I promise at least 80 but most clients receive at least 100! They are edited to match my style but NEVER photoshopped. You are perfect just the way you are babe! I will do some light retouching and removing things like blemishes, but I want you to love those stretch marks, scars, squishy bells and laugh lines. Because they are apart of who you are!

  • After that, if you decide to want to purchase any of our exclusive products, we’d work through that process next! And if not, thats ok too! Either way, you are now part of our boudoir family and that means that you can come to our exclusive client events!

Wanna see more of work to get an idea of how your session could look? Click below to see our portfolio or to head to the boudoir blog!

You’re ready to do this? I am SO GLAD! I believe that boudoir can change your life and that it doesn’t have to be something that is a once in a lifetime experience about feeling great, but more about creating a life where you feel great about who you are at every stage of this life. Its also why we offer exclusive deals to our past clients so you will come back and make more magic with me again. So go ahead, fill out the form below and let’s DO THIS!!

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