Swiger Photography is a Philadelphia area (and beyond!) wife and wife team dedicated to doing more than saying #loveislove and instead actually showing it, believing it, photographing it and living that ever single day.  We believe that real is the most beautiful, even when its imperfect, and favor that to the stylized every time.  We believe in laughter, in always being your badass self and in giving back to the communities we are part of.  We are equal parts creative, silly, dedicated and over caffeinated and we are so glad you are here!  

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PERSONAL matters.  

Photos are meant to capture real life moments and memories.  You want to look at your images and feel what you felt then.  That's why who you hire matters!  

We personally get to know each person we photograph prior to a shoot or wedding day, asking you lots of questions and giving you tons of information about what to expect, helping you plan for the perfect wedding day or shoot and then showing up so excited to create magic with you.  

let us get to know you.  

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Better with LAUGHTER

Isn't life just better when you're laughing?

We couldn't agree more.  To us, laughter and joy are what make a session go from boring to magic.  So we come ready with corny jokes, crazy prompts and a whole lot of silliness to keep the session feeling anything but stiff and serious!  Because if you're having fun taking the photos (or let's be honest, laughing constantly at my goofiness!), not only will you be at ease and having fun, who you really are shines through.  

Whether you are hiring us for a family session, wedding, headshots or boudoir trust us, it will be so much fun that you'll quickly forget why you were nervous in the first place.  And because we believe in laughing together often, we even offer our a special discount to returning clients too!  


We are Amanda and Jordan Swiger.  The real life, madly in love, always overly caffeinated, adventure ready, community focused, southern-meets-midwest couple behind Swiger Photography.  We have been married for 4 years now and while the business is Amanda's, if you ask any client, Jordan is what makes sessions magical.  Our house is always a little messy, we over analyze everything and we can literally talk to each other for hours.  

Why does this matter?  Because we understand real.  And real is what should be photographed!  Pinterest is great but its not what honest-to-goodness, real, joy filled, often chaotic and messy life is about.  We got married in 74 days on a thousand dollar budget, we have struggled before to make ends meet and we've always believed that love is really all you need to have an amazing life.  So whether you are hiring us for your wedding, family shoot or to find your confidence with a boudoir session, know that we get real.  We understand the nerves, the questions, the need to know that exactly is involved.  For the last four years we have built a life we love based on joy, real and laughter and we know that often, its the personal touch that make all the difference.  

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We also believe that in the magic of choosing joy.  

You can read all about this philosophy and how we live it out every single day here, but in short, this is the heartbeat of our brand and what we think makes us the best and most inclusive photography brand in Philadelphia. 

Choosing joy means:

  • We provide quality images and a high end experience all for an affordable cost

  • We never watermark the images provided to our clients

  • We celebrate that every couple, especially our LGBTQ ones, can get married and have the wedding day of their dreams

  • We love what we do and are constantly looking for new ways to serve our clients.

  • We give every single client a preview of their images with 48 hours of their session or wedding day

  • We offer incentives for you if you refer us clients who book with us because we believe in investing in the people who invest in us

  • We proudly share our story and the stories of our clients

  • We believe in over delivering to a client. Every. Single. Time.


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