Let’s just be ourselves

Oh hello there!

Welcome to Swiger Photography, a Philadelphia area (and beyond!) photography company dedicated to capturing beautiful, authentic portraits of madly in love couples, families and badass babes. Whoever you are, you are welcome here!

In a world that likes to tell us that the stylized is favored to the real, we say that the real real is way better! We believe in laughter, a hell of a lot of it. We also believe in giving back, making space for those that are often left out and always being the brightest, most authentic version of yourself. We are about bold color, sunshine, sneaky kisses and rooftops. We believe in love for everyone, whether its love with your significant other, your kids or yourself. We love shooting weddings and boudoir and portraits but we also have a love affair with Sephora and bourbon barrel aged wines. We are equal parts giggles and passion and caffeination and we are so glad you are here.


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