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Ask any of our clients...


...and they will tell you Jordan is the extra bit of magic to Swiger Photography.  And she is a huge part of why we get named one of the top professionals year after year. Wanna know why?

  • She is hilarious with corny jokes, the ability to ease tensions and calm even the most stressed bride.

  • Veil shots! They take lots of hands and she knows exactly how to make them magic!

  • You always have two people to fuss over you and help you pose! And if your a couple, she's there to help Amanda be the other person so they can show you exactly what they want ya to do!

  • She keeps Amanda hydrated, fed and on time!

  • She's got an eye for the details. She'll be the one straighten ties, adjusting the flowers, moving things and doing whatever Amanda needs to get that perfect shot.

  • She sees things way different than Amanda, which means your images have her photojournalism point of view along with the images you've come to expect with Amanda.

  • Hanging the bride's dress for that perfect shot without getting it dirty is also her speciality!

  • She's got dress fluffing DOWN. Regardless of your dress, she knows how to not just fluff it just right but she can get you in it if your bridesmaids can't! And she knows a few tricks for when you need to finally pee after all that champange!

  • Got a pesky BFF or pushy mom? Jordan is great at diffusing situations and making sure our clients get EXACTLY what they want!

  • She's who brings the bride or groom to the first look location and gets them excited to see their soon to be spouse!

  • She speaks fluent groom and groomsmen/bridesmen! Ties, boutonnieres, pocket squares, keeping the beers out of the shots...she's got it covered!

  • And if your wedding is super fun, you might even catch her breaking it down at the end of night after we've packed up!


Wanna see her in action?