plus size boudoir in Philadelphia

We understand that when it comes to boudoir, it can feel hella intimidating to get down to your undies, especially if you're a curvy woman who is told over and over by the media that they are less worthy of feeling beautiful.  To that we raise our middle fingers and whole heartedly disagree because beauty isn't wrapped up in the size of your body, the curves you've got, the stretch marks and scars or anything else.  Beauty is found in confidence, in being brave enough to love yourself just as you are and in embracing every little part of yourself, right here, right now. 

Queer Boudoir Photographer

I get it.  

As a curvy, plus size woman myself, I say all of this knowing how hard it is!  That woman you see is me!   I've got thighs that giggle, a belly I wish was smaller and a big ole ass that my wife loves.  It can be hard to get to that place of vulnerability, but oh girl, let me tell you, it feels so good when you do!  

All of the women you see below are REAL clients of mine who all were nervous when they came in.  I wanted to create a special page on my website for all my curvy clients so that you can get an idea of what your session might look like, because I hear it all the time..."well of course she looks great and her photos are amazing, she's tiny."  And girl, you are just as spectacular and gorgeous as any other woman out there!  So scroll on to check out some of my favorite Philadelphia plus size clients and then click the learn more button to go to our boudoir information page!  And then lets get you in the studio so you can feel every it the stunning badass babe you are!