Hoops and Ian - A Philly Queer Pride Elopement

Hoops and Ian - A Philly Queer Pride Elopement
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"Marriage, marriage is what brings us together today" and that was how it began.  In the pouring rain, surrounded by chosen family, over looking the city they call home, Ian and Hoops eloped and I am so excited to be sharing it!  As apart of Pride month, I wanted to give two couples the chance to elope at our apartment build + give them images of that day for free because I believe so much in paying it forward to the communities I am apart of and these two were the first couple to say I do!  

What I loved about these two was that they wanted to make this day theirs and theirs alone.  No need for traditions that didnt fit or be anyone other than themselves.  From having the fabulous Brittany Lynn walk Ian down the aisle in their unicorn and rainbow leggings, to Hoops love of Peter Pan being incorporated in their day to having a ceremony that was every bit as sweet and silly as they are, this is what makes my heart burst as a photographer.  Its the people, not the pretty or the expensive or the glamorous...but the beautiful people who trust me to step into their lives and capture meaningful images of them being themselves.  And to never try and push an agenda on to them or make their wedding day look any way but how they want it to!  

This Pride month has been difficult for me.  I have struggled with the corporate-ness of Philadelphia Pride, I have gotten frustrated with the business I know jumping on the LGBTQ bandwagon to make themselves look good, and I have gotten all out angry over the fact that so many of the queer folks I know pushing agendas at couples about what and how a wedding should and look.  To that I raise Hoops and Ian, proof that a wedding is what you make it to be and the only thing required is to people who love each other.  Its can be flowers or a Bowie Unicorn, a large wedding party or 5 people who adore you, a wedding gown or suit or your favorite unicorn leggings.  Its not about the pretty.  Its about the people.  And to me, these two are some of the best.  

Please join me in congratulating this beautiful couple and wishing them a lifetime of silly laughter and adventures filled with love.  And to Ian and Hoops - may you ever be the kind of people who prove that truly does win after all 

**Ian uses they/them pronouns, so please be mindful of this when leaving comments of congratulations!**