Alex and Patrick - A Waterloo Village Wedding

Sometimes things just fall into place even when you least expect it.  And I would say nothing could be more true than that when it comes to Alex and Patrick's wedding day!  Typically I work with my couples 9-15 months before their wedding day, so when I show up, I am a familiar face, I know them and I know exactly how their day will unfold.  Alex, though, after dealing with a frustrating circumstances with her original photographer, hired me just 10 days before her wedding.   Showing up, I was nervous!  I barely knew them, and they certainly didn't know me!  But from the moment I met Alex, I knew that this was where I was supposed to be that day.  

As I was walking Patrick to the location for their first look, I asked if he was nervous.  He laughed and said no.  He knew Alex was the one and knew she looked gorgeous.  From that sweet first look, to meeting and photographing their families, to walking around the gorgeous Waterloo Village Property, to the crazy dancing of the reception, every single part of their wedding was full of their love for each other.  I loved their vows and the things they promised to each other in front of the people who loved them most.  And I also loved that when I left that night, I felt like I had gained two new friends, people who were the kind of people I wanted to keep up with long after their wedding day!  

And can we talk about Alex's style for just a moment?!?!  The mixmatched bridesmaid dress, the rich fall colors, her hand beaded wedding dress and long veil and of course those velvet heels!  So much pretty to work with and I kept saying how excited I was to update my website with some of their images!!!!  

Alex and Pat, thank you for allowing me to step into your wedding day and capture the start of this next chapter of your lives.  Thank you for trusting me, for always allowing me one more photo and for being the picture of love and perfection!  I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon and that you are as excited as I am to see your final gallery in a few weeks!  For now, enjoy a few of my favorites!!