Alexa and Melissa - A cozy in home LGBTQ couples session

Alexa and Melissa celebrated a year together yesterday and it reminded me I never blogged their sweet and cozy LGBTQ couples session that we did last winter in Old City Philadelphia. These two are seriously some of the most beautiful people I know (although Melissa will 100% try and fight me on this :p) and they are just really fun to be around. I love both of their laughs, the way Melissa is fiercely protective of Alexa and the way Alexa looks at Melissa like the most beautiful girl in the room. I was so happy we could create some cute, cozy photos of the two of them at Bride On Race in one of the AirBnB suites. Plus we did some fashion photos of Alexa and some body positive boudoir with Melissa at the end and ya’ll - I am thrilled to share a few favs with all of you!! Happy anniversary you two cuties!