Introducing Jessa!

This week is full of SO much excitement both here at Swiger Photography and in my life personally!  If you think you recognize this gorgeous girl, you probably do from her Love Session with her girlfriend Sarah this past spring!  I have been getting to know Jessa more and more the last many months and watching her passion for photography grow.  We grabbed coffee last week and talked about where she'd like her business to be in a year and then today I officially welcomed this fun, sweet spirited, quirky lady to Swiger Photography team.  And honestly?  I am over the freaking moon!  

Jessa will be joining us as an associate photographer, second shooter and will be learning with us for the next year.  She already has a great eye for candid moments and great light and I can't wait to see how she grows in this next year.  I won't lie, it's a little nerve wracking knowing that I will be helping build another professional in this field I love so much, but more than that, I am just excited!  So if you see her face at your shoot or wedding, know that she is going to be there helping capture you and giving you the same kind of attention to detail you've come to expect from us.  And if your worried that this will throw off the Swiger magic, I promise she is a goof ball like Jordan and I and together we make one invincible team.  

She'll also be writing for us, telling you all about why she loves photography, what she thinks makes her unique, what to wear to a family session and so much more.  So look out for our new series debuting in January 2017!  We'll also be taking on a select number of couples under our associate pricing over the next year, so keep your eyes open for information on that!  And if you are looking to book an in home or adventure family session, Jessa is your girl!  She is ahhhmazing with kids (she's a nanny in her non-photography life) and she would love to chat with you about capturing your family!  So drop us a line and I'll get you connected!  

Jessa, girl, I am SO blessed that you answered that model call months ago and that you want me to teach you what I know.  I got all kinds of teary looking at your new headshots knowing that you are going to challenge me, inspire me, renew my creativity and push me out of my comfort zone this next year.  I can't wait for you and Jordan and me (and maybe Sarah!) to get to work together this next year and create some beautiful images.  Thank you thank you for wanting to be apart of our team. <3  

Without further ado, here is Jessa in all her goofy glory.  Welcome to the team girl!