Jordan's Graduation!!!!

For those of you who have been following our blog and social media accounts, already know that this weekend, my sweet wife graduated from the IBEW Electrical Union.  We had a CRAZY weekend because of it but I was so glad we were able to spend most of it celebrating this woman whom I am SO proud of.  I had a little too much fun, if I am honest....styling her details and gifts on Friday, taking wayyyy too many photos all weekend and even putting together party favors.  So today's blog post is a little personal thank you to our village as well as showing off my newly graduated wife!  :)

I still remember the first day Jordan went to class.  We weren't together yet but she was nervous and not sure totally what to expect.  As the weeks and months went on, and she finally starting working too, there was this change in her.  She had more confidence, and would use these big words and started correcting me from saying light bulbs, to using the right word, lamps.  With each finished year of school it meant a raise and with that, being closer and closer to her being an official journeyman.  Now that she is done school, that means we are on the last piece before she gets her final raise and is a journeyman, which in my mind, is a pretty big deal!  She will "raise her ticket" come the spring (end of March we hope!) but for someone who didn't finish college, celebrating this graduation was a must.  

I worked a little magic with a few amazing people to make Jordan look amazing for Friday night.  Bloomsbury Floral Designs and Lauren did an AMAZING job with Jordan's boutonnière, even adding touches of copper wire and a fuse.  It also smelled amazing too!  Jordan's mom, dad and I schemed and worked together to get Jordan a sleek bracelet that she loves too!  I got her brand new cufflinks because I know she always has wanted a pair and all of it went together perfectly!  My sister came to our place and helped me take some photos of Jordan getting ready and the two of us and I already treasure that memory so much.  

The graduation was held at the Sugar House Casino in Philadelphia, where Jordan did a lot of the electrical work!  When we got there, we went up to the roof parking lot and Jordan showed me the most beautiful view of the city!  She had so much fun walking me around and showing me all of the places she had put lights in or done this that or the other thing, and honestly, it was really cool.  I have never gotten to see one of her jobs sites, let alone one that is finished!  So dining in a room full of lights that she personal hung?  Way cool!  


They had a live band, open bar, fancy dinner and desserts and gave out awards to the two classes.  Jordan, the only girl in her class, won a new fancy meter for being in the top 5% of her class (which is really the top three people).  We danced and drank and I got to meet her teachers and friends and all in all it was an amazing night.  And I felt real pretty.  :)  

Saturday we had about 23 women come through our Strong Shoots!  Even though it was FREEZING, the women who came turned it out and it was so much fun!!!  That night we went out to celebrate Jordan with our friends and I had no idea that many of our friends would show up.  It was humbling and sweet to see all these people we adore congratulating Jordan and hanging out with us all night long.  And honestly?  As I stood there in the middle of the room at one point in the night, I couldn't believe that most of them had come into our lives through The Strong Catalyst.  A year ago, we didn't know most of them and most of them didn't know each other either, and now?   There is this big ole group of amazing women we are so privileged to know who also have a ton of new friends.  


In line with that and in closing, I want to say thank you to all of the people who made this weekend perfect for her.  I know how wonderful Jordan is and how big of a deal this was for her but to have so many others who did as well meant everything.  Thank you for coming out and celebrating her, for working behind the scenes to help me make things perfect, for always supporting us and for loving us so so well.  We adore you all.  

Here are some of my favorite professional and iPhone photos from this weekend!