Mars and LaToya - A South Philly Rooftop

Many of you who follow me know that while Swiger Photography is my first love, I also co-founded The Strong Catalyst with my wife Jordan over a year ago.  TSC focus on providing visibility to lesbian women in and around Philadelphia and part of that is our photoshoots!  At each of these photoshoots, I usually only get 10 minutes of shooting time with each person/couple so its all about pushing myself as a photographer to quickly learn about someone and then bring out their best qualities in that short period of time.  Its been SO incredibly fun and challenging and I often end up with some of my favorite images at these shoots so I decided to start blogging them here too!  

Up first, is the incredible couple, Mars and LaToya.  These two came to our rooftop shoot and afterward, I convinced them to do a mini couples boudoir session and I LOVE the results.  These two are so in love and its the kind of love that shows both in person and looking at their images.  They have a sweet little newborn too (who I get to photograph later this week!!!!) and its not often I get the chance to pull parents away and remind them that they are sexy and still in love too, so this was a very special shoot to me!