Niki And Jen - Sage Farmhouse LGBT Wedding

I met Niki and Jen for the first time at a Philadelphia area Starbucks and for the jump, I adored this sweet lesbian couple.  Jen is sarcastic and kind, Niki is sweet and funny and they quickly became more than just clients, but friends.  Their wedding at The Sage Farmhouse just outside Philly was everything a wedding should be, a perfect reflection of them.  Niki wore the most STUNNING black wedding gown and Jen complimented her perfectly in a traditional white gown and even with a little rain and some vendor missteps, the day was perfect.  

The Sage Farmhouse in Media, Pennsylvania was the perfect aground for their LGBTQ Wedding.  They had their ceremony on the lawn the garden, dinner in the most charming of vintage dinning rooms and then danced the evening away in the garden.  Their wedding party was delightful, their love for each other was evident all day long.  My favorite part of their wedding day was watching them dance and laugh with each other, so lost in their own world of married bliss.  

I mentioned vendor missteps earlier and thats not normally something I would add to a couples blog post but I felt like it was important to note and something I know these brides would want other LGBTQ couples planning their weddings to think about.  The vendors you hire should be able to refer to you, the entire day, as MRS and MRS and BRIDE and BRIDE, without constantly defaulting to the heteronormative Mr and Mrs and Bride and Groom.  When you meet with any potential vendor, make sure that they are using inclusive language all of the time and that you know who will be showing up the day of your event.  And to other wedding professionals who might be reading this - make sure you are always using the right language, pronouns and titles for your clients! These are INCREDIBLY important, especially with LGBTQ couples!!

Niki and Jen, we adore ya'll more than I have words.  As I said last weekend, we are thrilled you love your photos and we are thrilled that you are now officially just our friends, not clients!  We wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness and all the adventure life can bring!  

Vendor List:

Photography - Swiger Photography

Officiant - Lindsay Cook

Venue - The Sage Farmhouse

Flowers - Blair's Florist

Jen's Wedding Gown - David's Bridal

Niki's Wedding Gown - Claire's Fashion

Wedding Party - David's Bridal