Rachel and Andy - A Chestnut Hill Quaker Wedding

Rachel and Andy Wedding-115.jpg

This blog post is a unique one in that I only have a handful of images to share with all of you!  Rachel and Justin had the most beautiful traditional Quaker Wedding over the summer at the Chestnut Hill Meeting House and they asked me to photograph their day for them, however, it wouldn't be like most of my weddings.  Quakers have many incredible traditions, one of which is a ceremony marked by long silent moments of reflection and a lack of photography during the ceremony.  Guests are invited to share things from their hearts with the couples and everyone present is asked to participate rather than watch.  It was beautiful.  

But it left us with less than what I normally have when it comes to images, but I truly feel like this was one of the most special weddings I have been apart of.  Rachel and Andy are so full of joy and light that it literally seeps from their beings.  They laughed all day long and truly share a love unlike anything I have ever photographed.  So while this blog post might be a bit out of the ordinary, these two are anything by extraoridnary and I am thrilled to share part of their wedding day with you!