Wedding Resources - Non-natural Light Images

We have curated this blog series "Wedding Resources" to help answer some of our most common questions from our couples and to help you in planning the most perfect wedding!  And one of the most common things we are asked about is how we tackle reception photos and those photos where natural or ambient light isn't enough to capture the moment, so today we are sharing of our favorite non-natural light images along with a few tips to help make your images pop!  

The major thing you will notice in the photos below is that most of them have a beautiful wash of color on the walls on the space.  This is called up lighting and it creates a MAJOR difference in how your images will look.  It gives an added pop to an otherwise boring wall and helps create dynamic images and colors.  And not only does it photograph well, it looks amazing in person too!  

We mostly use flash to allow for our images to look consistent in color and feel, both with natural light and without.  This means, that more often than not, we are trying to maintain the same vibrant, natural quality in our images regardless of how or where they are taken.  We do creative and dramatically lit shots as well, but we use those as fun additions, not the norm.  It is our goal the whole wedding day tells a beautiful visual story and we use flash to accomplish this when necessary!

Another thing I like to point out is that while we do use off camera flash on occasion, most of what you see here is us utilizing an on camera flash.  There are many photographers that set up multiple very tall light stands at the edge of the dance floor to achieve similar results, however we prefer to be as non-invasive as possible and to have control as we move about the room!  We also find it's less distracting to you and your guests!  And its also awesome to not see the stands in the background of photos as well!  

Finally, the biggest tip we give our couples who will be having ceremonies or receptions in darker spaces is to hire a videographer that works well with us.  Videographers use large LED video lights that total change how we shoot and our flash will affect how your video turns out as well.  Hiring a video and photo team that can work side by side in a seamless fashion allows you to have the best photo and video possible!  Want to know who we recommend?  Just ask!