Wedding Resources - Make That Ring Sparkle!

Today's Wedding Wednesday post is a fun one because it is FULL of gorgeous ring shots, and lets be real, who doesn't love staring at some sparkle!  But how do all my couples have such sparkley rings in their photos?  Great question!  And today I am going over a few ways you can have your rings look their best for photos!

Ring Tip #1 - Get it cleaned!

This one may seem a little obvious, but a ring that's just been cleaned will ALWAYS look better than one that's been worn!  Sometimes we forget how much dirt and dust can build up around our ring, so even if its not for photos, its good to get that bad boy cleaned every so often!  If you can, it's best to take it to your jeweler as they will make sure your stones are looking good too but most chain stores like Kay's or Jared's will offer to clean your ring for free!  

Ring Tip #2 - Great Light

This tip is more for wedding day's but in general, great light is the most important part to getting those amazing ring shots.  On a wedding day, I will often ask my couples, if they mind if I step into another room or go outside with their details so I can find great light and a great background!  This is where trusting your photographer is key!  If they are an experienced photographer, they know how to set up a great shot, but it may mean taking that sparkley ring out of your site for a few minutes.  During a lot of our engagement sessions, we willl have our brides leave us their rings while they change into their second outfit.  BUT - always trust your gut!  If you don't feel comfortable giving your ring to them, that's ok too!  Offer to go with them or send a bridesmaid to keep tabs!  But again, if you trust your photographer, you know you and your rings are in good hands!

Ring Tip #3 - Get Your Nails Done!

You wouldn't believe how many of my couples show up with their nails looking a mess for their engagement photos because they assumed their hands wouldn't be in the shot!  And even for guys, while they don't need to have a manicure, having their nails trimmed and clean, def helps makes ring shots look better!  I love taking photos of the rings on my clients hands because hey, that's where they belong!  So treat yourself to manicure! :)  

Ring Tip #4 - Where You Focus Matters

This one is for all my photographers out there!  I recently figured out a little trick, especially when I am on a time crunch and shooting details with my 24mm or my 50mm!  Focus on the prong closest to the camera.  This may make the rest of the ring look a little soft BUT because that is the part closest to our eyes, the image will look more in focus.  I use to try and focus on the diamond or main stone itself and never loved the way it looked and then recently tried this and noticed the look of my ring shots were more sharp.  

And now because, why not show off more gorgeous rings, here are some of my favorite rings from the last SIX years of business!!!!!  Enjoy friends!