Meg and Kevin - A Classic Old City Philadelphia Engagement Session

Meg and Kevin-22.jpg

Some grooms really aren't into the idea of doing an engagement session and so when it comes time for their session, I've got work to make it fun and make them look relaxed.  Not Kevin though!  These two sweeties hired us to shoot their January 2018 wedding and we finally got to meet them on Saturday evening and Kevin was so down to do whatever to make his bride to be (and me!) happy!  I am in love with these photos and it was awesome to shoot in a location I haven't been to in awhile!  Old City Philadelphia did not disappoint and I got spoiled with allll the gorgeous glowy light! 

Meg and Kevin, I was excited before, but as I kept saying at our shoot, you are going to be SO much to photograph on your wedding day!  I love how happy you are together and that you can tell how much you love each other!  And can I get an amen on the fact that Meg will be the most gorgeous bride?!?!  Thank you two for trusting Jordan and I to be apart of your day and for being total models at your engagement shoot!  Enjoy a few of my favorites!!

Jessica - Pinup Session in Old City Philadelphia

Strong Four-178.jpg

I remember this day last spring like it was yesterday.  Jessica walked up to our group for a shoto for The Strong Catalyst and instantly I knew I was going to really really like this chick.  Her pinup style, those piercing eyes, her sarcasm, humor and then she dropped the bombshell that she also owned a lingerie company.  And as they say, the rest is history.  

Recently I realized how many of my shoots never made it to the blog and I just couldn't let beautiful images like this one just sit on my hard drive so better late than never, I am sharing these photos!   I love Jess's style, that color on her and the way she looks both classic and fresh.  And don't even get me started on how much Jordan and I adore her as a person too!  Enjoy a handful of my favorites and look for more blog posts from when Strong Shoots coming soon!!!  

4 Things To Know About Scheduling A Boudoir Session With Swiger Photography

Queer Boudoir in Philadelphia, PA 6

Whenever someone says the word "boudoir" a wide variety of images can come to mind.  And that's one of the things I love about it!  I often get asked to describe my personal style and what a client should expected when it comes to shooting boudoir!  So I wanted to take a moment and share a little with all of you the 4 things I tell the ladies looking to schedule their own boudoir session with Swiger Photography as well as share some of my favorite images from my session with the beautiful Meredith!  

1.) It's going to be a lot of fun!  
This is the first thing I tell any woman looking to work with me for a boudoir session!  Most of us get really nervous thinking about being in our underwear and that's totally normal!  But I always let my ladies know that boudoir is all about self love, capturing your favorite things about yourself, being a little (or a lot) sexy and having fun!  Its totally ok to be nervous, but 10 minutes into your session, I'll have you laughing with corny jokes and we'll have Bey on blast that the nerves will fade away!  

2.) You don't need to know how to pose!
I think the thing I hear the most is that women are worried they will do it wrong or have no idea how to pose!  And again, thats totally normally!  It's my job to walk you through poses and I'll even put down my camera and show you what I want you to do.  Most of the things we'll be doing are things you'd never do in real life so we take it at your pace!  This is why even our mini sessions are longer than most of our competitors!  We want to have time to teach you what to do and make sure the whole experience is fun!  

3.) There is no right or wrong body for boudoir! 
I get super sad when ladies say they are too big or too small, too young or too old for a boudoir session because that simply isn't true!  You do not need to lose 10lbs or cover up your wrinkles to look beautiful!  You, as you are, are beautiful!  One tip I give women who are more self conscious about how they look is to pick outfits that accentuate what they love!  Love your boobs?  Wear that push up bra to make them look great!  Think your butt is fine? Pick out something that shows it off!  Obsessed with the tattoo on your back?  Make sure its visible!  Suddenly the session becomes about celebrating what you love, not hiding what you don't!  

4.) My style is much more relaxed when it comes to sexy!  
Unlike a lot of other photographers out there, I encourage the ladies who book me to rock things that are more laid back and natural!  With so many different styles of photography and tons of talented photographers, I have focused on providing my clients with shoots that are more about celebrating who they are in a simple, sexy way where they scheduling these shoots for themselves, not for their partner!  So what do I suggest you wear for your session with me? Glad you asked!

  • Favorite bra and underwear
  • An over sized or off the shoulder t-shirt
  • All things high waisted
  • A simple, sexy dress
  • Sweaters or cardigans, especially if they are worn with cute underwear
  • Knee or thigh high socks


Got a question you want me to answer about boudoir?  Let me know!  I'd love to answer it and talk to you about how you can schedule your session with me!  No matter who you are, you deserve to feel beautiful!   So contact me now about our affordably priced sessions and lets make some magic together!