Gina - Birthday Self Love Boudoir Session

With Valentines Day tomorrow, we are sharing some of our favorites from our Boudoir Marathon last month!  And up next is the gorgeous Gina!  Gina gifted herself this boudoir session for her birthday and we were so excited to meet her!  Gina is good friends with one of our favorite clients Annalise and we always love when our clients share how much they love us with their friends!  She got a little help from The Velvet Lily (one of my go-to recommendations for the best lingerie!) and Sara from Elegance Artistry but mostly, Gina just brought her gorgeous self and vibrant personality to this boudoir session.  She happily agreed to allow us to share these with all of you and we were thrilled!  

Gina, I know it was a little intimidating to show up for your session, but girl you killed this session!  You are stunning, inside and out and I am so proud of you for taking the time to do this for YOU!  I wish more of us would take the time to pamper ourselves now and then and to realize that boudoir isn't just for having sexy pictures to gift the one you love.  It can also be for refinding all the things that make you sexy, gorgeous and worthy of feeling pretty, not just for an afternoon, but every day too.  We can't wait for the next time you're in front of our camera!