Penny Praline - A Queer Philadelphia Plus Size Boudoir Session


Tattoos + a badass queer babe + a gorgeous penthouse = you better believe some serious magic! Penny was such a delight to work with during her shoot and she was game for anything! Her gorgeous tattoos and outfit choices really shined in her session and this Fishtown Philadelphia penthouse was the most ahhhmazing backdrop! We had all the fun laughing and rolling around and getting wet, but more than that, Penny is the kind of person you just wanna hang out with because she is so down to earth and sweet and funny. And she is a photographers DREAM to shoot! I also love that she didn’t wanna hide her body and was all about loving all of it! Not every client who walks through my door is down for this and thats ok, but when I get to work with a babe thats like nah, all of me is amazing, its awesome!

A huge thank you to Penny for hiring me for this shoot and allowing me to share some favs with all of you! Wanna schedule your own shoot? Click here to learn all the details and send us a message!

Hotel Monaco Spa Bath Mini Session with Fi

Oh ya'll, this is a good one!!!  The Hotel Monaco in Old City Philadelphia is the perfect background for this luxe spa inspired boudoir session and I am so excited to share just one of the sessions I did there a few weeks ago!  Meet Fi, a bombshell that I am obsessed with!  She was so willing to do just about anything for that perfect shot and boy did it pay off!  And you know what the crazy part is?  All of what you are going to see below was shot in just under 19 minutes!  Mini sessions are a fun way to do something totally different OR dip your toes into the boudoir world and I am so excited for our 2 day marathon at this location September 7th and 8th.  Sessions are $175 and include a 30 minute timeslot that as you can see with Fi, is plenty of time to shoot two looks!  While you certainly don't have to shoot in the tub with water in it, it certainly makes for some gorgeous images!  

If you would like more information on how to secure your own spa inspired session, click HERE!  Or scroll on through Fi's gorgeous images below!  I cant wait to make this kind of magic again!  

Meghan - A Philadelphia Rooftop Body Positive Boudoir Session

Philly Outdoor Rooftop Boudoir Session by Swiger Photography 29.jpg

Meet Meghan ya’ll! She is an incredible boudoir photographer out of Toms River NJ and last Monday she and I met up to trade boudoir photos on my roof deck overlooking Philadelphia! And it was pure magic ya’ll! I will be blogging the stunning boudoir photos she took of me very soon but I am just in LOVE with these Philly Roofdeck images of her. From her purple hair, to the great outfits, to that booty, to the city in the background, the whole session was such a breath of fresh air and different from my normal work and I love love love it! It was so nice to just hang out with someone who does what I do and who just gets that this industry is wayyy too over saturated with men! We laughed and traded stories and shot each other and it was the kind of thing I needed! So please enjoy some of my favorites, although its a lot more than a few this time! I had wayyyy too hard of a time narrowing this one down ya’ll!

** Wanna book your own roof deck or normal boudoir session?? You can find more information on how to by clicking HERE **

Philadelphia Boudoir Session - Alabaster

Alabaster Philadelphia Boudoir Session-135.jpg

The first thing I ever learned about Philadelphia Burlesque Performer Alabaster was that she was the queen of selfies.  The second was that she is currently studying to her Master's of Education in Human Sexuality Studies. So needless to say, I was immediately intrigued and super excited to have her come in for a photoshoot to our Philly studio!  And the whole session was just as magical as I expected.  

Alabaster recently finished her first semester of grad school and she gifted herself the most beautiful tattoo on her sternum, which we obviously worked to showcase in some of the images.  She chose "the full apparatus of the clitoris because a lot of people dont know it's more than just the little nub you see on the outside, and because it's only function is pleasure" which lets be honest, is badass as hell!  I love that sex positivity isn't just something she is studying, but is apart of who she is as a person.  And I love that her session was full of the full range of who she is, not just the sexy bombshell the Philly community has grown to love.  

Below are just a few of my favorite images because I am already making plans to have her back in my studio for a little something something I am working on and I wanna keep ya'll all excited for more!  But please be sure to scroll on through some of my favs and then leave her some love in the comments.  Alabaster - I can't wait to collaborate with you again soon!!!!

Aly - A Body Postive Boudoir Session

Aly Philadelphia Body Postive Boudoir Session -90.jpg

I have "known" Aly online for awhile but had never met her in person till she came into the studio for a session and what immediately struck me was how full of joy and laughter she was.  She was confident and funny from the jump, willing to do anything during her shoot and because of that, her session was magical.  She laughed at my painfully corny jokes and was effortless the entire session and its not because of what you may think.  She's not a model, she just allowed her true self to be present the entire session, laughing and smiling because she was just being her.  And that friends, is the best kind of session.  

Aly, I adore you.  Photographing another photographer is nerve wracking and a little intimidating but you were just so incredibly sweet that my nerves melted away within minutes.  Your smile and laugh are infectious and your are freaking stunning.  The confidence you have is what self love and body positive is all about and I could have photographed you all dang day.  

I love this whole session so much and let me tell you, narrowing down my favs to post was damn near impossible!  But scroll on below and see what just a **few** of my favorites are.  

Hotel Monaco Glam Mini Session with Meg


The first time I met Meg, I knew she was going to quickly become a muse for me.  From her gorgeous smile, to those long ass legs, to the easy way she takes direction, she is just a joy to photograph.  So when I wanted to shoot an example of what you could get if you booked back to back mini sessions during our marathon next month, I knew she was the perfect!  And ya’ll, she is NOT a professional model!  (Although I’ll admit that she is def a pro when it comes to makeup!  Her make up always looks so good!!) We shot 4 different looks in about an hour and the results are images that I think embody both a fun, playful side AND the sexy siren she is!  I love how we were able to incorporate her vintage glam vibes into her session and do things that felt modern too and I am just in love with this entire set, and I know you will be too!

If you look at these images and want to have a session like this of your own, for ONE WEEKEND ONLY we are offering mini sessions at this same location.  You can choose between one 30 minute timeslot, or (if available) you can choose two back to back slots for the ultimate experience!  Each timeslot is $175 and includes up to two looks, images in the gorgeous tub/shower (with or without water!) and around the suite!  You’ll receive 25 digital images or 75 if you book two slots!  Plus a little something special from me to take home with you!  You can see what time slots are available HERE and learn more!   I can’t wait to photograph you in this gorgeous location too!  

Meredith - Queer Boudoir Session Philadelphia

Queer Boudoir Photographer Philadelphia

I shared my first boudoir session with Meredith earlier this year on the blog and I am so excited to be sharing her second session with me! This queer tatted babe is not only one of the sweetest people you could meet, but funny and kind too. Shooting her again was like a breath of fresh air and we made the most out of her mini session at my old studio and even ended with a little wet white tank fun too! I seriously adore this babe and I also love the way these images feel like her, something that I think is especially important for my queer clients! As always, I had a hard time narrowing it down but I mean, how can you blame me when she is so gorgeous!!!

And to Meredith - thank you for always trusting me to photograph you and for being so sweet to Jordan and I. We are you and Megan to pieces!

Lexie - A Badass Boudoir Session in Philadelphia

Lexie Philly Boudoir Photographer -34.jpg

With everything going on for the studio opening, I never got around to sharing this gorgeous ladies boudoir session!  Lexie was one of the first people I shot at our studio back in December and I was over the MOON with how these turned out.  Lexie is a vintage, meets glam, meets badass babe and I loved how all of her personality came out in her session!  And did I mention that she is STUNNING too?  I am so thrilled to finally be sharing my favorites from her session so scroll on and then leave this lady some love!  

Selene Rose - A Philadelphia Hotel Monaco Boudoir Session

Philadelphia Shower Boudoir Session

What happens when you combine a gorgeous suite at Hotel Monaco in Old City Philadelphia with a belly dancer who is also gorgeous? Magic. That’s what. Selene Rose is the kind of girl up for anything, including get totally drenched in a shower just to get some amazing shots and well, the results are just that, amazing. I have gotten the pleasure of shooting this babe a few times and these are my favs so far! I just love how effortlessly sexy and her these boudoir images are, because to me that’s what sexiness should be about! I tried so hard to narrow it down to just a few favs but by now most of ya’ll know self control is not my strong suit so enjoy some many favs of this oh so wet boudoir session!

Swiger Photography's Boudoir Philosophy

This blog post is one that I have been meaning to write for a while now and every time I have sat down to write it, I get overwhelmed with how much I want to say and end up working on something else.  But I know it is so important to share with all of you why I believe in boudoir photography, why my sessions are priced the way they are and what you as a client can expect when it comes to your session, so I am sitting down today and putting all of those thoughts here for you!  

There are a lot of reasons someone will want to do a boudoir session...for their birthday, a big anniversary, Valentines Day, wedding gift, for themselves or to celebrate a big life change.  For others its about seeing themselves as sexy, to feel beautiful, to get glammed up or to find new reasons to love themselves.  Whatever the reason, there are going to be nerves from when you send that first email to when you show up at my studio door.  Its normal!  I so often get last minute emails with clients apologizing for being nervous or that they have no idea what to do and I am always reassuring them that's how everyone is!  

I don't believe that a boudoir session is a once in a lifetime way to feel sexy.  And I don't believe it should be priced that way either.  In the last five years, I have had so many repeat boudoir clients who come back to celebrate new things about themselves and I love that!  Being able to provide a space that is about celebrating yourself means that my emphasis isn't on turning you into someone else's idea of what a sex goddess is, but capturing you in a way that shows your stunning beauty, sexiness and genuine self.  Because of this, I get that you might be nervous to be totally yourself at your session and that's ok!  Trust is earned and thats another reason I keep our boudoir prices more affordable!  It might take you your whole session to let your guard down or it might not even happen on our first try, and that's ok!  We will take this as slow or fast as you are ready and either way, I promise to deliver stunning images of your badass, beautiful self.  

You will always receive all the edited digital images from your session, which is something that sets us apart from all of our competition.  I do this because I want you to have those images, not be stressed into deciding what angles, poses, or images you like best of yourself.  You shouldn't have to choose what parts of you are worthy of having because ALL of you is worthy of having.  There are also never any order minimums, product requirements or forcing you to have professional hair or makeup.  Why?  Because I believe the that you know what you want and I respect your ability to voice that.  You want wall art?  Let'd do it!!  Want a beautiful custom album to look at when you are feeling blue?  I can't wait to create it for you!  Want someone else to do your hair or makeup?  My team is the shit and will make you feel amazing!  You'd rather do your own or go totally natural to your session?  Hell yes girl!  Far be it from me to require my clients to be anyone but themselves.  

From start to finish, my goal is to empower you to choose what you want and to make that process of being vulnerable and stripped down easy and positive for you.  And for me, that means at every opportunity that I can, offering my clients more than my competitors and giving the people I photograph the power to choose what they want.  Which means sometimes they want props in their images.  Sometimes they wanna go totally natural.  Sometimes they want to be more covered up.  And thats totally ok with me!  I hate the mentality that women must be made up to be beautiful.  And I hate when people shame each other for wanting to get glammed up!  Either is awesome!  A combo of the two is also awesome!  This session is about YOU and I am here to support that every step of the way!  

I could go on and on but I will leave you with this.  I believe that shooting boudoir is an immense honor and privilege because my clients do not have to let me in.  They don't have to be real with me, tell me the things they don't like, their stories, their fears.  They don't have to, but they do.  They choose to let me see them and it is the best feeling in the world, to turn my camera around and show them a shot and hear them say "I didn't know I could look like that."  "I didnt know I was that _______". I just capture what is already there, but showing someone themselves in a new light, peeling back the layers that the world puts on us because it says we aren't enough and showing them the person underneath?  It's why I say I have the best job in the world.  

I wanna see you.  I wanna empower you to be yourself or to step into the you you've always wanted to be.  I wanna make you feel like the badass, sexy, stunning, beautiful babe you are.  And to give you images to remind you of that person when you are feeling low.  So let's do this.  <3

Brittiany - A Philadelphia Boudoir and Fashion Session

Philadelphia Boudoir and Glamour Session Brittiany-36.jpg

When Brittiany showed up at our Philadelphia Studio for her boudoir session and started showing me her outfits, I immediately loved her unique style and how she wanted to incorporate that into her session!  From the bold colors to her amazing makeup to the insanely gorgeous pearl necklace to those amazing thigh high boots, it all just came together perfectly!  The entire session had such a fashion vibe and it was fun to do something different in the studio.  Brittiany was so easy to work through poses and photograph and I am just so happy to be sharing my favorites from her session here on the blog!  And a huge thank you to Brittiany for allowing me to share them and be so fun to work with!!

Siona - A Philadelphia Boudoir Session

Siona Queer Philly Boudoir Photography-121.jpg

I don't even know where to begin with this one.  Siona is an incredible woman and friend and when she came in for a session at our Philadelphia boudoir studio a few months ago, I knew that we were going to make magic together from the moment I started shooting.  I have always loved her easy of being herself, the way confidence and laughter pour from her soul, and her images just show that.  What's fun is I photographed Siona a year before and it was crazy to see how much we both had changed and what that did to the way the images turned out.  

Siona, I am going to miss having your bubbly, sweet, encouraging self around here when you move.  I have appreciated all the times you have encouraged me and spoken life into my heart regarding my work and for the way you have always believed in Jordan and I.  I can't wait though to see what this next adventure will hold for you and Andi and I hope that whoever you come home, we can keep up our this adventure of seeing how we both change as the years go by.  Enjoy just some of my favorites below!  

Rachel - A Philly Boudoir Session


It's a snowy morning and I can't think of a better way to warm up a Tuesday than with Rachel's incredible boudoir session!  I have known of Rachel for several years but this was the first time I really got to hang out with her and oh my is she so sweet.  And not only sweet but stunning too!  She brought so many different looks for her session and I love the variety we created!  From gorgeous gowns, to vintage furs, to sexy lingerie and body suits this session is one that seriously gave me the heart eyes!  

Rachel is one of those people who is so supportive of the people she cares about and that is especially true for the Philadelphia Burlesque Community.  From attending shows, to sharing events, to supporting the work her friends are doing, to the now kittening for some shows too...she is always, always, always supporting the people around her.  And that is something I adore about her.  In a world where a lot of people try to compete, its awesome to know people like Rachel just want to see everyone be their badass selves.  

I know Rachel you that you are nervous to see your entire session but I hope that seeing my favs shows you just how STUNNING you are.  Because damnnnnn your session is fire.  This is all you girl.  I just take what the rest of us already see.  Thank you for showing up, being yourself, and letting me photograph all that sexiness!  It was truly my honor and I hope you will let me do it again sometime.  <3. 

Anna - An Edgy Lokal Hotel Philadelphia Boudoir Shoot

Anna - An Edgy Lokal Hotel Philadelphia Boudoir Shoot

I remember reaching out to Anna and asking if she would be willing to model for me while I was shooting my summer boudoir marathon at Lokal Hotel in Old City Philadelphia and was THRILLED when she said yes.  Often my clients choose to not allow me to share their images online so whenever I can I try to work with a few models here and there so I can show new work and I knew that I wanted to show something a little edgier and darker this go around! 

4 Things To Know About Scheduling A Boudoir Session With Swiger Photography

Queer Boudoir in Philadelphia, PA 6

Whenever someone says the word "boudoir" a wide variety of images can come to mind.  And that's one of the things I love about it!  I often get asked to describe my personal style and what a client should expected when it comes to shooting boudoir!  So I wanted to take a moment and share a little with all of you the 4 things I tell the ladies looking to schedule their own boudoir session with Swiger Photography as well as share some of my favorite images from my session with the beautiful Meredith!  

1.) It's going to be a lot of fun!  
This is the first thing I tell any woman looking to work with me for a boudoir session!  Most of us get really nervous thinking about being in our underwear and that's totally normal!  But I always let my ladies know that boudoir is all about self love, capturing your favorite things about yourself, being a little (or a lot) sexy and having fun!  Its totally ok to be nervous, but 10 minutes into your session, I'll have you laughing with corny jokes and we'll have Bey on blast that the nerves will fade away!  

2.) You don't need to know how to pose!
I think the thing I hear the most is that women are worried they will do it wrong or have no idea how to pose!  And again, thats totally normally!  It's my job to walk you through poses and I'll even put down my camera and show you what I want you to do.  Most of the things we'll be doing are things you'd never do in real life so we take it at your pace!  This is why even our mini sessions are longer than most of our competitors!  We want to have time to teach you what to do and make sure the whole experience is fun!  

3.) There is no right or wrong body for boudoir! 
I get super sad when ladies say they are too big or too small, too young or too old for a boudoir session because that simply isn't true!  You do not need to lose 10lbs or cover up your wrinkles to look beautiful!  You, as you are, are beautiful!  One tip I give women who are more self conscious about how they look is to pick outfits that accentuate what they love!  Love your boobs?  Wear that push up bra to make them look great!  Think your butt is fine? Pick out something that shows it off!  Obsessed with the tattoo on your back?  Make sure its visible!  Suddenly the session becomes about celebrating what you love, not hiding what you don't!  

4.) My style is much more relaxed when it comes to sexy!  
Unlike a lot of other photographers out there, I encourage the ladies who book me to rock things that are more laid back and natural!  With so many different styles of photography and tons of talented photographers, I have focused on providing my clients with shoots that are more about celebrating who they are in a simple, sexy way where they scheduling these shoots for themselves, not for their partner!  So what do I suggest you wear for your session with me? Glad you asked!

  • Favorite bra and underwear
  • An over sized or off the shoulder t-shirt
  • All things high waisted
  • A simple, sexy dress
  • Sweaters or cardigans, especially if they are worn with cute underwear
  • Knee or thigh high socks


Got a question you want me to answer about boudoir?  Let me know!  I'd love to answer it and talk to you about how you can schedule your session with me!  No matter who you are, you deserve to feel beautiful!   So contact me now about our affordably priced sessions and lets make some magic together!  

Kate - Bridal Boudoir Session

If you are anything like us, waiting is not fun!  As soon as we photographed Kate's gorgeous boudoir session and wedding day, we knew waiting to share these images was going to be so hard but since we have officially been published on Equally Wed, we can now finally share some of favorite images from Kate and Celeste's wedding day!  And up first is the bridal boudoir session with did with Kate the morning of her elopement!  We asked her to share a little of what that experience was like and this is what she sent over to us!  

"I feel extremely lucky to have worked with Amanda for my elopement day boudoir shoot. She'd suggested that I bring some sexy outfits to shoot in but as you might expect, my 'bride-to-be' brain was not really able to organize my outfits for this part very well. Amanda & Jordan totally took care of it & calmed me down while reassuring me that we would get a lot of beautiful shots. My situation was unique because many of my wedding guests & family members were hanging out in the studio and watching me take my clothes off on my wedding day but Amanda helped me focus and kept me calm. Amanda's photography assistants, the other awesome vendors, & Jordan made sure to crack jokes the entire time so I hardly had time to worry about being bashful. Amanda was also able to use a small space incredibly effectively and managed to get several different settings & outfits into a quick shoot with ease. I am so grateful to the entire team for capturing the joy I had on the day I married my best friend & for making me feel special the entire day!"

I can't wait to share the rest of their wedding day with all of you later this week!  This unique elopement is one that I will never ever forget and I couldn't have pulled it off without our amazing vendor team!!!  

Florals: Bloomsbury Floral Design  //  Makeup: Elegance Artistry, Sara Mann  //  Hair: Courtney Thorton  //Wedding Dress: Ashe B Co  //  Blue Wedding Dress: Bella Bridesmaids Philly  // Rentals: Modern Relics Rentals  //  Planner: Amanda Swiger 

Lokal Hotel Philadelphia Photoshoot Previews

Very rarely do I do a preview blog post from a session.  Usually I wait until everything has been edited to blog but last Thursday session at the stunning new Lokal Hotel in Old City Philadelphia had me itching to share some of my favs so I decided to do a little preview blog post of the entire day!  I had so many amazing women and allow me the insane honor of photographing them and these images are ones I am insanely proud of.  My goal was to photograph these women naturally, to push myself creatively and to expand my portfolio to include more of this style of boudoir.  And I say, mission accomplished!  While this blog post only includes 4 images of each session, hopefully it gets you excited to see each individual blog post as they are posted over the next month!  

Before I tell ya'll to scroll on, I just want to give a tremendous shout out to all of these women for coming and giving up part of their Thursday!  You each are incredible and I can not WAIT to share your galleries with you soon!!!  

Dear Jenna - For Love, Worth and Strength

Dear Jenna,

I won't lie, I have taken at least 10 attempts to write your blog post and everything always felt short of what I wanted to say about our studio session in West Chester in January.  So rather than writing my normal style blog post that is written to my viewers, today, this one is written just for you.   I am sharing it with the world because what I have to say I think will resonate with so many women, for so many reasons and because I know your friends would agree with me too.

While I wouldn't qualify our shoot as boudoir, I would say that it is the very definition of why my brand is built around love, worth and strength.  Photography so often gets divided into categories...families, engagements, newborns, children, weddings, seniors, headshots, ect.  And while I understand the need to categorize what I do, I love when shoots are less about the type of photos I am shooting and more about creating an environment to feel.  If a client can walk away from a session feeling more beautiful, more in love, more worthy, more strong than they did when they walked into the session, to me I have been successful.  The images captured at sessions like that are already above everything else because beyond having stunning images, my clients have an emotional reaction to the sessions and their images too.  

I'll be honest.  I fall short of this all of the time.  Timelines get wonky, light isn't right, outfits clash, I'm not feeling as creative, locations don't pan out.  But you Jenna, in just 45 minutes for a last minute session because I had an opening, reminded me why I fell in love with photography in the first place.  I got to remind you that you are beautiful, that you despite how life feels right now, you are loved and that even in the hardest of times, you radiate light.  

Being a plus sized, out of shape, slightly awkward, bubbly photographer is definitely intimidating sometimes.  Most of my clients are thinner than I am, I think are prettier than I am and are seriously kicking ass at going after their dreams.  What's interesting though, is as gorgeous and amazing as I might think you look Jenna, you were still nervous and shy and self conscious.  We might look totally different, but you have some of the same struggles I have and that was incredibly eye opening for me.  So often I let myself think that these beautiful people I am privileged to photograph couldn't possibly know what it's like to be nervous or not like the way they look.  And perhaps that's why sessions that could have been amazing only turned out great.  Because I forgot how to relate to the nerves and self consciousness.  I forgot that life tells us, especially as women, time and time again that we aren't enough.  

You, sweet friend, reminded me that my job as a photographer isn't to make you stronger or to love yourself or see that you are worthy of more than you had.  Its my job to capture you, as you are, with your flaws, perfections and all the natural, perfect beauty you have and show you what I see.  It's my job to tell you that I have things I struggle with too, that you aren't alone in your struggles and self consciousness.  It's my job is to make you laugh, to remind you to hold your chin high, to be vulnerable with you.  While the world might tell us that photos should be perfectly posed and airbrushed and edited, I hope these photos of you, raw, perfect and stunningly beautiful reming you that you are worthy, just as you are, without changing a single thing.  And while it may be your friends like Jordan and I that are the ones who see that now, know that some day, some perfectly awkward, kind, authentic, trustworthy, stunningly beautiful woman will see that in you too.  

Happiest of birthday sweet friend.  I can't wait to shoot you again soon!

Amanda Swiger

Nicole - A soft and edgy boudoir session

This session is one I have been meaning to blog for a few weeks now but my personal life has been crazy doing all kinds of things for The Strong Catalyst.  But now that life is normal again, I am SO excited to share this soft and edgy studio boudoir session!  Nicole is one of funniest, sweetest people I know and you may see these photos and think you've seen her before on Swiger Photography.  And you're right!  You have!  I photograph this family every year for their holiday cards but I was so excited to just photograph Nicole and have some fun in the studio!  She brought a little bit of soft, sensuality and then a whole lot of edgy sexy too and to me, it was the perfect shoot!  Its fun when I get to shoot women I already know and adore and to create magic with them...and thats exactly what I would say this shoot was.  Magic.  

Nicole, you already know I adore you and your family but I hope this images show you a new side to yourself and that this won't be the last time I get to photograph just you!  Thank you for answering my model call, being a phenomenal friend and for always supporting everything Jordan and I do.  We love you!!!!  Now enjoy just a handful of my favs!  

Heather - LGBTQ Boudoir Session

If you think you recognize Heather, you probably do.  I have shot everything from headshots to family photos, engagement to wedding photos and even some of her shows over the years!  Heather is not only an incredibly sexy lady, she is a wife, burlesque performer, International Ms Leather, and PhD student.  And more than that, she is a gracious, sweet friend who I feel lucky to lean on over the last few years.  We've been fortunate to know each other in both professional and social situations in the LGBTQ community and have often had long talks over wine about how we want to see our world change.  She is wise and funny and both like a mentor and dear friend.  Last month, Heather came to the studio for a boudoir mini session and we had so much fun!  She is always stunning but it was fun to photographer her in a new way!  From her outfits to those long long legs to her laugh when I mentioned spouse Simon, I didn't want the session to end!  Heather, thank you for letting me be the one to photograph so much of your life of recent and thank you for your unending support of me and my business.  Jordan and I adore you, Simon and Patrick and are ever grateful for you.