Rachel - A Philly Boudoir Session

It's a snowy morning and I can't think of a better way to warm up a Tuesday than with Rachel's incredible boudoir session!  I have known of Rachel for several years but this was the first time I really got to hang out with her and oh my is she so sweet.  And not only sweet but stunning too!  She brought so many different looks for her session and I love the variety we created!  From gorgeous gowns, to vintage furs, to sexy lingerie and body suits this session is one that seriously gave me the heart eyes!  

Rachel is one of those people who is so supportive of the people she cares about and that is especially true for the Philadelphia Burlesque Community.  From attending shows, to sharing events, to supporting the work her friends are doing, to the now kittening for some shows too...she is always, always, always supporting the people around her.  And that is something I adore about her.  In a world where a lot of people try to compete, its awesome to know people like Rachel just want to see everyone be their badass selves.  

I know Rachel you that you are nervous to see your entire session but I hope that seeing my favs shows you just how STUNNING you are.  Because damnnnnn your session is fire.  This is all you girl.  I just take what the rest of us already see.  Thank you for showing up, being yourself, and letting me photograph all that sexiness!  It was truly my honor and I hope you will let me do it again sometime.  <3.