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Ana and Grace - Backyard LGBTQ Micro Wedding

This Summer has been full of micro weddings and I am here for it! There is something so incredible about a wedding day that is intimate and slow paced and where the couple gets to spend the day together with a few of their favorite people. Grace married Ana in her parents backyard and her mom did a beautiful job creating something so special for the two of them. Micro weddings are like the bigger sister of elopements, which makes them feel a little more special without all the stress of a big wedding! They married themselves, sharing sweet vows and rings that neither had seen yet and confetti canons were shot off right after their first kiss as wife and wife. It was just about their love and I loved how relaxed they both were! Afterwards, I stole them for a few portraits and the sky gifted us with so much glowy light. It was perfect ya’ll, but you don’t have to believe me. Scroll on to check out this beautiful Philly area LGBTQ micro wedding!

Amber and Natalie - Fells Point Baltimore LGBTQ Engagement Session

LGBTQ Baltimore Engagement Session with lesbian photographer Swiger Photography30.jpg

On the first snow of the year, it felt appropriate to blog this summer engagement session that was full of sunshine, warm weather and the cutest of couples! Amber and Natalie hired us for their lesbian Baltimore wedding next year and ya’ll let me tell you, from even just the first five minutes with them, I knew they were going to be a favorite of next year. For their engagement session, we wandered around the beautiful Fells Point neighborhood Baltimore and we found so many cute spots for photos. Amber and Natalie brought along their sweet puppy and one of their mom’s and they just were so easy going and sweet. These are the kind of sessions I live for, the ones where a couple just is themselves and laughter abounds and they just fall into poses so easily because they just genuinely love being around each other. And their photos show that!

Get excited to see these two again next year and for now, enjoy just a few of my favorites from their engagement session!

Bianca and Rosea Cambodian Wedding Blessing Ceremony

Bianca and Rosea Cambodian Wedding -558.jpg

Bianca and Rosea asked me to photograph their Philadelphia Cambodian Blessing Ceremony at Rosea’s moms house before they left for their destination wedding in the Dominican Republic a few days later and I was so honored to be apart of such an incredible day of celebrating and blessing their marriage. So many of their favorite people crowded into a South Philly row home and the energy was as vibrant as their beautiful traditional outfits. Following a beautiful ceremony, there was food and food and more delicious food, shots of Hennessy all around and I even had a chance to steal Rosea and Bianca away for a few moments and photograph some beautiful portraits of them to commemorate that day. My favorite part of the day was watching person after person come up to them to give a blessing, gift and tie a red chord around each of the couples wrist. For over a half hour love was just given to this couple and it was beautiful to be apart of and capture and I am so honored they chose me and Jordan to be the ones to capture it all for them!

Enjoy a few of my favorite images from their day!

J & E - Old City Philadelphia LGBT Proposal

J&E Philadelphia Proposal-26.jpg

Ethiopia thought they were coming to Old City Philadelphia for an LGBT couples session, but little did she know that her girlfriend Jennifer and I had been scheming a big surprise for the last few months.  It was a rainy Saturday in May and the hours leading up the shoot, I was checking the radar obsessively.  Since February, Jennifer and I had been plotting to set up a photoshoot that would start normal, but would end in a proposal I wanted everything to go perfectly and I was crossing my fingers the rain would hold off for us.  

When they arrived in Old City, we took them up to our 18th floor roof deck over looking the Ben Franklin Bridge and I could tell Jennifer was nervous.  Despite the clouds moving in quickly the rain was holding off and the view from up there was still spectacular!  After a few photos, I asked Jennifer to do the most romantic thing she could think of and so she slipped to one knee and asked her beautiful girlfriend to be her wife.  The look on Ethiopia's face was priceless and she of course said yes and we then spent the next 45 minutes capturing some images of them with their newly engaged glow!  We even took a few minutes to celebrate their greek life as well since the rain decided to hold off for us!  

Proposals are something so special to me to be apart of because they signify the start of a new chapter and two people making the decision that they want to spend their lives together.  Being able to watch a couple go from dating to engaged to married to whatever life brings, its such an honor as a photographer and I am just so thrilled Jennifer trusted me to capture this moment for them!  Scroll on to see some of my favorite images of their proposal session and then leave these two incredible people some love for me!  

Philadelphia Headshot Session - Sebastian

Sebastian Philly Studio Headshots-122.jpg

I have had the insane pleasure of knowing this sweet guy for over 3 years now.  We met at queer photoshoot I was hire doing and I instantly found his down to earth, well spoken, kind ways the most charming fresh breath of air.  Over the years, I have witnessed him blossom into a man that puts others first, is humble and funny, cares about our community immensely and has a laugh and smile that will put anyone at ease.  He booked me for a headshot session and I have been looking forward to sharing these photos ever since!  He wanted a mix of all the important things in his life...his job, his interest in modeling (and he is one handsome dude so obviously he should pursue that!) and some photos that showcased his impeccable fashion sense.  To me, the results are perfection and I love that so many of the photos he is laughing in!  

What's even more exciting is he is moving in the coming months to the other side of the country, so before he leaves we are doing one more session and I can not WAIT for Saturday!  Sebastian, thank you for always being so kind to me and Jordan, trusting me vision and for making me laugh endlessly.  We are going to fiercely miss you but are so excited for what the next chapter of your life holds!  Enjoy my favorites from this session and get ready to see this handsome guy here again really soon!  

Siona - A Philadelphia Boudoir Session

Siona Queer Philly Boudoir Photography-121.jpg

I don't even know where to begin with this one.  Siona is an incredible woman and friend and when she came in for a session at our Philadelphia boudoir studio a few months ago, I knew that we were going to make magic together from the moment I started shooting.  I have always loved her easy of being herself, the way confidence and laughter pour from her soul, and her images just show that.  What's fun is I photographed Siona a year before and it was crazy to see how much we both had changed and what that did to the way the images turned out.  

Siona, I am going to miss having your bubbly, sweet, encouraging self around here when you move.  I have appreciated all the times you have encouraged me and spoken life into my heart regarding my work and for the way you have always believed in Jordan and I.  I can't wait though to see what this next adventure will hold for you and Andi and I hope that whoever you come home, we can keep up our this adventure of seeing how we both change as the years go by.  Enjoy just some of my favorites below!  

Nuriya and Jess - Philadelphia Museum of Art LGBTQ Engagement Session

Nuriya and Jess - Philadelphia Museum of Art LGBTQ Engagement Session

These two showed up for their engagement session at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Boat House Row and I was immediately jumping up and down because they are just so incredibly cute!!!  They both look at each other with such love and devotion and its really obvious how much they love each other from spending even 5 minutes with them.  And for a photographer, that kind of love is a dream to shoot!

Kate and Celeste - Styled Winter Elopement

On Tuesday I shared the beautiful boudoir images of bride Kate and today I am SO thrilled to be sharing their styled elopement!  This day is one of my favorites of my whole 7+ year career and that's because I got to give back to one of the sweetest couples I know by doing for them what was in part done for me when Jordan and I got married.   We planned our wedding in matter of weeks, relying on the woman who married us and a few friends to make our day special and when I look back at that day, I am reminded of how loved I felt and how much I wanted to pay that feeling forward.  

When Kate mentioned to me that she and Celeste were eloping prior to Trump taking office, I knew I had to be apart.  I had planned to photograph whatever their ceremony looked like but as I listened more and more, I knew that I had the resources, friends and skills to give her more than just images but an actual wedding day too.  I asked if they would be willing to somewhat blindly trust me to plan a styled shoot around them and then let them use all the pretty to get married as well and to my surprise, they said yes.  

These two decided to get married because of the looming inauguration of Donald Trump and the fear of what the next four years might bring.  They are both activists, passionate about our world and making it a better place, no matter how cold and hopeless things might feel right now. Their love was what would carry them through the next four years and whatever came after that and that served as my inspiration for the day I planned for them.  That love could keep us warm.  

With a red, white and blue color scheme, the help of some seriously amazing (and incredibly generous!!) vendor friends, a studio rented from another photographer and a whole lot of pressure to make this right...Kate and Celeste said I do in the single most emotional ceremony I have ever been apart of. It was political, beautiful, and so charged with raw emotion that several times I found myself leaning into Jordan, not successfully holding back tears, grateful for all that came together to make that possible for them.  

On Monday I will be sharing some behind the scenes photos from this day as well as some serious shoutouts to the people that partnered with me (scroll to the bottom to find links to their profiles though!) to make this possible + some words from bride Celeste, but today I wanted to just say to say I am truly blessed to have such giving friendors!  Oh, and one last thing before I share all of my favorite images!  Kate and Celeste...thank YOU for trusting me.  In a community and world where people are quick to judge you and put you down and not care about each other, you two reminded me that choosing kindness is always the right choice.  Thank you for allowing me the insane honor of doing this for you and for trusting my vision.  You two were stunning brides and I am so excited for this next chapter in your lives!!!  Know you will always be on of my favorite couples.