Ana and Grace - Backyard LGBTQ Micro Wedding

This Summer has been full of micro weddings and I am here for it! There is something so incredible about a wedding day that is intimate and slow paced and where the couple gets to spend the day together with a few of their favorite people. Grace married Ana in her parents backyard and her mom did a beautiful job creating something so special for the two of them. Micro weddings are like the bigger sister of elopements, which makes them feel a little more special without all the stress of a big wedding! They married themselves, sharing sweet vows and rings that neither had seen yet and confetti canons were shot off right after their first kiss as wife and wife. It was just about their love and I loved how relaxed they both were! Afterwards, I stole them for a few portraits and the sky gifted us with so much glowy light. It was perfect ya’ll, but you don’t have to believe me. Scroll on to check out this beautiful Philly area LGBTQ micro wedding!

G & G - New Home LGBTQ Philadelphia Engagement Session

G&G New Home Philly LGBTQ Engagement Session30.jpg

You know what’s better than buying a new house? Buying a new house with your partner and using it empty for the background to your engagement photos! And that’s exactly what this gorgeous queer couple decided to do with their brand new west Philly home! I adore these two and if you have been around the Philadelphia Burlesque scene before, you probably know them better as Kyla Ren and Genome Kelly. These two are so sweet and so in love and we were able to shoot these images the day they closed on their new house together and I just love how this session turned out! We shot around their new place and I love how the shoot is both glam and cozy and honestly, oh so them. I would love to see these kind of shoot becoming a trend! Photography should capture big moments and to me, buying a house is one of those big moments and celebrating a new engagement along with that? Perfection! So scroll on check out this magical, new home engagement session and then leave these two cuties some love!

Crystal and Marissa - A Center City Philadelphia Lesbian Engagement Session

It's been a while since we've blogged but that doesn't mean we've been taking time off!  The last few weeks have been full of sweet engagement sessions, weddings and some of our favorite people!  And I am so excited to be sharing one of those sessions today!  Over the weekend, we had the chance to hang out with some friends, Crystal and Marissa and since our camera was with us, we managed to get these two to let us take a few engagement photos of them.  These two ya'll, are the perfect picture of love and we can't wait for them to tie the knot this summer.  Even with all that is going on in politics and in the news, these two lesbians are just so madly in love that its easy to forget all the chaos when looking at them!  

Crystal and Marissa, thanks for giving me 5 minutes to capture some images of the two of you on the streets around your apartment, even though it was cold and the sun was setting.  Jordan and I are SO grateful for your friendship, that you waltzed into our lives and ever since things are just so much happier.  We adore ya'll and are so happy for you and can't wait for your big day come August!  Enjoy a few of my favorites!  

Debra and Lindsay - A Philadelphia Lesbian Anniversary Session

For many married couples, the day the get married is one of the only times they get photos together until they have kids.  Life gets busy, money tight and photos seem like one of those things that just isn't worth spending the time or money on.  And while I get it, life in all of its seasons ought to be captured.  It goes by so quickly and photos have a way of making us slow down and remember what a particular season of life was like.  Debra and Lindsay are two people that value photos and after being married 2 years, they are still looking for ways to have their love for each other captured!  

On a very windy day earlier this month, Jordan and I got to spend some time with these two walking around behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Debra hand made her flower crown and I loved how well their styled went together for this shoot!  Their love for each other was evident in the first 5 minutes and the two of them were great and posing from the start which made their mini session fly by and still allowed them to get so many great images!  And I mean come on!  The way Lindsay looks at her wife?  Swooning ya'll!  

Enjoy a few of my favorites!  

Lee and Alex - A Valley Forge Park Queer Engagement Session

I can't believe that I will have the honor of photographing these two again in just FIVE days!  Lee and Alex are tying the knot on Saturday at a family farm and last weekend we met up to shoot their engagement photos!  It was so fun getting to this awesome couple as we explored around Valley Forge National Park!  From the moment we started taking pictures, it was obvious that their love is built on a lot of laughter.  And coming from 2 years of marriage, I can tell you that a love that is full of laughter makes for the best kind of life!  But seriously though, these two are so easy going, down to earth and obviously in love that you can't help but like being around them.  

Lee and Alex, I can't wait for this weekend and being so honored to capture the start of this exciting next chapter in your lives.  I am crossing my fingers for the perfect weather and the most amazing day for the two of you!  For now, enjoy a few of my favs and look forward to seeing them again real soon!