Alissa and Kim - Philadelphia Magic Garden Engagement Session

Alissa and Kim - Philadelphia Magic Garden Engagement Session

We started the shoot by walked around the area where Magic Gardens is, taking in South Streets cute side streets and cool murals before heading into the gardens!  Alissa and Kim are hilarious and so sweet, making it fun to photograph them together!  We shot between the other people also visiting the gardens but despite there being tons of people there, their images look like it was just them

Nicole - A soft and edgy boudoir session

This session is one I have been meaning to blog for a few weeks now but my personal life has been crazy doing all kinds of things for The Strong Catalyst.  But now that life is normal again, I am SO excited to share this soft and edgy studio boudoir session!  Nicole is one of funniest, sweetest people I know and you may see these photos and think you've seen her before on Swiger Photography.  And you're right!  You have!  I photograph this family every year for their holiday cards but I was so excited to just photograph Nicole and have some fun in the studio!  She brought a little bit of soft, sensuality and then a whole lot of edgy sexy too and to me, it was the perfect shoot!  Its fun when I get to shoot women I already know and adore and to create magic with them...and thats exactly what I would say this shoot was.  Magic.  

Nicole, you already know I adore you and your family but I hope this images show you a new side to yourself and that this won't be the last time I get to photograph just you!  Thank you for answering my model call, being a phenomenal friend and for always supporting everything Jordan and I do.  We love you!!!!  Now enjoy just a handful of my favs!  

Heather - LGBTQ Boudoir Session

If you think you recognize Heather, you probably do.  I have shot everything from headshots to family photos, engagement to wedding photos and even some of her shows over the years!  Heather is not only an incredibly sexy lady, she is a wife, burlesque performer, International Ms Leather, and PhD student.  And more than that, she is a gracious, sweet friend who I feel lucky to lean on over the last few years.  We've been fortunate to know each other in both professional and social situations in the LGBTQ community and have often had long talks over wine about how we want to see our world change.  She is wise and funny and both like a mentor and dear friend.  Last month, Heather came to the studio for a boudoir mini session and we had so much fun!  She is always stunning but it was fun to photographer her in a new way!  From her outfits to those long long legs to her laugh when I mentioned spouse Simon, I didn't want the session to end!  Heather, thank you for letting me be the one to photograph so much of your life of recent and thank you for your unending support of me and my business.  Jordan and I adore you, Simon and Patrick and are ever grateful for you.  

Sophia and Lisa - A Philadelphia City Hall Lesbian Elopement

When these two got married, I was knee deep in redoing my blog and website and I didn't want to post them to the old site.  So I have been waiting to share this wedding with all of you for quite some time!  Sophia is feisty, sweet and oh so gorgeous and Lisa is her hilarious, little bit bad ass and so kind other half.  I've known these two for a while and when they asked if i would be free to shoot their weekday City Hall wedding, the answer was an immediate yes!!!

These two are so in love.  The kind of love that you see on facebook and in real life and know that its not fake or temporary.  They embody the idea of being partners, supporting each other and loving each others families.  They also keep each other (and me!) laughing with their adorable bickering and commentary on everything!  It was a great day and I am so happy that these two have joined the #marriedlesbianclub and are loving life as Mrs and Mrs Crespo!  

Lisa and Sophia....thank you for being such sweet friends and for allowing me to be the one to capture the start of this exciting chapter in your lives.  I adore the two of you to pieces and can't wait to see where life takes you next.  Thank you for being patient for this blog post!  And now, a few of my favorites!  

Our Giveaway Winner Is...

All week I have read tons of comments, emails, messages and so forth trying to decide who should be the winner of our Launch Day Giveaway!  So many amazing people wrote us telling why they wanted to win a free session with us and let me tell you, ya'll made me cry!  We have so many loyal fans, sweet past clients and friends who support us and Swiger Photography wouldn't be the same without!  And it seems that you all love the new look as much as we do!  Our clients images stand out, the client lounge is a hit and so many of you are asking when you will see your images on the blog!  And the answer is soon!  

But without further ado...let me introduce our giveaway winner and tell you why I am SO excited to photograph this awesome lady!  

Gracie Harringotn, girl you are our WINNER!  Your email moved me to tears!  From the moment I met you bubbly as can be at iCandy, I knew you were someone that I wanted to get to know.  Then once I started following you on social media, I realized that much like me, there is a lot more than meets the eye with you.  

"This is the reason I am entering this contest: I would love to have photos taken to show my friends and family over social media what a fighter looks like. I hope to give hope to those currently struggling with mental health disorders, by showing them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I believe that your giveaway could be a way to do this."

You are right, there is so much hope to be given to those struggling with mental health disorders and if I can be even a small part of the journey, I want to.  When I started the section of Swiger Photography called The Worthy, it was for women like you that I did.  People who need a chance to see the worth inside themselves and to share that with those around them.  You dear, have found that worth and you deserve beautiful images of that sweet smile and adorable laugh and so let's get that session scheduled ok?  And a HUGE thank you to all of you who entered and made this launch successful!