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Wedding Wednesday - A New Series

We are starting a new series here at Swiger Photography - a Wedding Wednesday post!  We get SO many questions about wedding planning and so we figured rather than only share those answers as we get questions, why not turn them into blog posts for all of you to read too!  We have got a list of awesome topics to talk about, but we also want to know what you want to know too!  Got a question about wedding planning?  Comment on this post and we will add it to the list!  Our first post in the series goes live NEXT Wednesday so keep an eye out!  Can't wait to help you plan the perfect wedding day!

Philadelphia Wedding Wednesday Series Swiger Photography

Confessions of Love, Worth and Comparison

Confession?  I really really really struggle to see that I am doing good.  Most days, I find myself staring wistfully at another photographers work, wondering when mine will look like that.  And its rough.  Because comparison is the thief of joy and without the joy, I so easily loose sight of how lucky I am to be a photographer.  

I was putting together an inspiration board of two weddings I did recently to send over to a client this morning, when I found myself overwhelmed with the sense of not being good enough.  I have amazing clients who have the most gorgeous wedding days and the sweetest love stories, but then I think of all the other photographers out there and I loose sight of who I am.  I think that I am not special.  I wonder if my work measures up in the eyes of others.  I worry that people laugh behind my back, saying to each other "she is actually quite terrible at being a photographer."  And what's sad is I know that there are those that have said those things, so I feel justified in comparing who I am and my body of work to someone else who isn't even like me.  The doubt and fear settle in and I'll have to take a few days to find myself again.  

You know what I realized this morning though?  When I compare myself to others, I feel worthless.  When I compare myself to who I use to be, I see my worth.  By taking a moment and looking back at a wedding from last year that I was proud of and loved shooting, I can see the growth in where I have come from.  That wedding wasn't bad!  In fact it was one of my best of 2015!  But here we are, half way through 2016 and my work has gotten significantly better. My style has changed a little and I am more confident on a wedding day than I ever was.  Comparing myself to the Amanda of October of 2015, makes me feel like a boss.  So why do I even bother comparing myself to the thousands of other photographers out there when that never ends with the same feeling.  

Maybe to some it seems odd for a business owner to share her struggles, maybe it seems weird to admit that my work changes.  But I hold on to the idea that out there in the land of the internet are those that need to be reminded that honesty is refreshing and that your worth is found in who you are and where you are going, not in who someone else is or what they do.  If that's you, especially if you are a creative, I encourage you to dig out something you use to be proud of and compare it to where you are now.  See the changes, feel the joy of becoming better.  And be daring enough to be honest with your journey! 

And because I figured I ought to show you what brought this whole post about, the first collage is a wedding from 2015 that I loved and the second two are weddings from the last month or so.  :)  

Cindy and Scott - A Doylestown Mercer Museum Wedding

I remember meeting Cindy and Scott at a Starbucks in Doylestown last fall and talking about their spring wedding like it was yesterday.  Cindy was a bundle of nerves and excitement, Scott ever as much her calm and cool other half.  The way they leaned into each other and talked about their wedding plans had me so excited for their wedding, but what I didn't realize then was that these two really understand what true love looks like.  

At their ceremony, the priest talked about who they both were as people.  They are both older and on their second marriage and they both have kids from those previously relationships.  Each of them had a great respect for the other, for the family they had created.  And they both believed full heartedly that God had brought them to this place and they were honored to call each other theirs.  It was beautiful.  He described them as kind, full of life and love people, genuine and joyous.  And that couldn't be more true.  All day long, Scott seemed in awe of Cindy, that she was his to love.  And what better is there?  They have a love that is based on faith, and trust and pure joy in who the other is and it was magic to photograph! 

They had the most perfect spring wedding, surrounded by their families and friends.  We loved getting to shoot at one of our dream venues, The Mercer Museum!  It's so full of history and grandeur and made for the perfect location for their day.  Their sweet little grand kids stole the show and I teared up more than once thinking about how sweet it will be for them to one day have these photos to look back on when they get married! 

So congrats Scott and Cindy!  May your love always be as sweet as it was that day!  And enjoy a few of my favorites!

Lee and Alex - A Valley Forge Park Queer Engagement Session

I can't believe that I will have the honor of photographing these two again in just FIVE days!  Lee and Alex are tying the knot on Saturday at a family farm and last weekend we met up to shoot their engagement photos!  It was so fun getting to this awesome couple as we explored around Valley Forge National Park!  From the moment we started taking pictures, it was obvious that their love is built on a lot of laughter.  And coming from 2 years of marriage, I can tell you that a love that is full of laughter makes for the best kind of life!  But seriously though, these two are so easy going, down to earth and obviously in love that you can't help but like being around them.  

Lee and Alex, I can't wait for this weekend and being so honored to capture the start of this exciting next chapter in your lives.  I am crossing my fingers for the perfect weather and the most amazing day for the two of you!  For now, enjoy a few of my favs and look forward to seeing them again real soon!  

Launch Day Giveaway!

Love.  Worth.  Strength.  These are things that I know I spent a good portion of my life trying to find.  And I know I am not the only one.  For so many people, chasing those three things becomes what defines who we are.  Who loves me?  Am I worth that person's time? Am I strong enough? Why do I feel unworthy? How can I love better? Where do I find my strength?  Will they love me forever?

Photos are more than images.  They capture who someone is.  Who someone was.  Who someone can be.  And the images I fall in love with time and time again are the ones where bodies relax because they are in the arms of the one they love, where a woman feels beautiful and worthy and she laughs without hesitation because hey, this is actually fun.  Where someone is told that they are strong and needed and they breathe deep, believing those words for maybe even the first time.  Because that is my purpose.  I was made to capture love, to show worth and photograph strong women.  But I didn't know till I was first loved, finally able to see my worth and believed that I was strong.  

This is the new Swiger Photography.  Simplified, bright, clean, and here to showcase the Loved, the Worthy and the Strong.  Its full of beautiful images, blog posts and sessions, advice and a client lounge.  You can even book your session online now!  And I am so proud of the way it looks!  And because no kick off is complete without a give away....

We are giving a way a FREE SESSION!!!!!  Want to win?  

Here are the rules!  

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That's it!  We are SO excited to see who wins this giveaway and to be launching the new look for Swiger Photography!  Winner will be announced next Friday!  

Stephanie - The Worthy Headshot Shoot at Ridley State Park

Ohhhhh ya'll this is a good one.  I have known of Stephanie for a long time.  Its hard to be out in the LGBTQ scene in Philly and not have run into this pretty lady but I hadn't ever had the chance to hang out and talk to her before!  And let me tell you, this sex educator is so down to earth!  Not to mention stunningly beautiful.  

She started a little nervous but by the time I showed her a few frames, the nerves calmed and the magic began!  I think for some of us, as comfortable in our own skin as we are, its nerve wracking to have your photo taken.  But we are all worthy of having beautiful headshots and a great experience getting them and judging by the comments on facebook, it seems she loves the results!  

Stephanie, Jordan and I loved having the chance to photograph you and get to know you better!  You seriously killed your session and I can't wait to follow along with all the places you will be using your headshots!  And seriously, you're gorgeous girl!

Ashley and Chris - A Del Fresco's Wedding

Every so often I'll get an email asking if I would possibly be free for a wedding that is quickly approaching, usually within 2 weeks.  Some might be so overwhelmed by the idea of being hired that close to the wedding date, but as someone who put together their own wedding in 74 days, I get it!  Sometimes you are so in love or life hands you situations that make you realize that waiting to plan that big wedding just isn't right for you!  When you know, why wait to get married?  And this particular one happens to be one of my favorites of this type of wedding we've done!

Angela and Chris had the sweetest wedding day!  From the moment I showed up at the hotel to take pictures of her getting ready, I knew it was going to be a great day!  Angela has to sweetest laugh and gave me a ton of time to photograph them around Philadelphia City Hall before getting married at the gorgeous Del Fresco's!  We had a beautiful winter day, warm and sunny and these two couldn't have been more in love!  And their first look ya'll?  Oh such perfection!  Chris was overwhelmed with how gorgeous Angela looked and can you blame him?  She looked stunning!  We made our way to Del Fresco's where we did family photos and then it was the moment they had been waiting for!  Time to get married!  When the judge announced that they were husband and wife, Angela squealed and that happens to be one of my favorite photos of the day!  She was so incredibly happy!

The newlyweds then headed for a private dinner there at Del Fresco's and I left loving that this is my job!  Intimate weddings are so sweet and focused on the things that matter most - each other!  Here are some of my favorites (it was hard to only pick a few!) and congratulations to this beautiful and sweet couple!!

Ebony and Creig - A Tyler Park Engagement SHoot

Its not every day that the guy is the one to contact me for an engagement shoot!  But then again, Creig is a total sweetheart and he wanted to surprise his new fiance with an engagement shoot before she moved to Chicago for the next year.  Ebony's reaction was priceless and their session was perfection!  They both have cute laughs and such a love for each other that left me excited for the wedding next year!  Please enjoy a few of my favorites and come back to see their summer lovin' wedding in 2017!