It's so easy to forget WHY this job is so important.  Photos help preserve what we one day maybe won't remember and that is exactly why I wanted to share this sweet 3 generation family session!  They contacted me because grandpa (the gentleman in the yellow) had been diagnosed with end stage cancer and they wanted some nice photos together before he began treatment.  We picked a little spot in their backyard for their session and it was obvious, that even in such a difficult time, the family was holding on because of their love for each other.  The two sweet little boys won't remember these photos but it was such an honor to capture them with their grandpa so they have these images to cherish for years to come.  Never forget to have your own family, no matter what it looks like, photographed.  Life is oh so fleeting!  

Brittany - Actor Studio Headshots

Today's blog post is a little more special than normal, because the photos themselves are extra amazing, but because of the woman in them.  It isn't often I have the oppertunity to do studio based headshots or that I get to photograph talented actresses but when I knew I had an opening during our Boudoir Marathon on January, I reached out to Brittany to see if she might want to come in.  You see, Brittany happens to also be my younger sister.  My entire life, while she has been younger than me, I have always had this sense of awe when it came to her.  She was pretty, well spoken, smart, kind and could diffuse almost any situation growing up.  And as she has grown up, I have found myself more and more inspired by her own belief in herself.  She's 26 and starting to make steps toward an acting career the last couple years.  Despite this sounding like a near impossible idea, she has taken steps to understand what it would take, how to get where she wants to go and what her life might look like were she to get asked to do a role.  And I honestly couldn't be more proud.  

While I am adopted and we don't share the same genetics or family history, something about the way we grew up caused both of us to have the tenacious belief that the crazy and sometimes laughable is actually possible.  While we don't share a love of cooking or certain kinds of films or understandings of many things, we share a love of the creative and of telling stories.  And to be honest, I love that we are different in so many ways, but that we both share those things too.  

Brittany, thank you for taking the time to let me photograph you.  As your big sis, I know I often want to protect you or pretend that you are so much younger than I am but honestly, you have grown into a woman I both admire and respect.  I hope you love these headshots and that as you keep heading toward an acting career you always know that Jordan and I will always be some of your biggest fans.  


Holiday Mini Sessions!

We have gotten quite a few emails about if we were going to be offering any Holiday themed mini sessions and the answer is YES!  We are excited to announce that this year we will be offering Mini Sessions complete with cute Holiday props and set ups and that all funds raised will be donated to The Strong Catalyst!  They are a steal of a deal and we are certain the rest of them will go fast!

Each $60.00 session is 25 minutes long, includes 15 edited digital images, and a print release.  All sessions will take place in Valley Forge Park (exact location will be given out a few days before hand!) and must be paid in FULL in order to book your spot!  The rain dates will be scheduled in the event that we need to but even in light rain or cold, we will be shooting!  These are a great way to get a new family photo, headshot, photos with your love or fur baby!  And you are able to purchase the additional 20+ edits from your session for only $40 more!  Again, all funds will be donated, so you get a great deal and get to support a great cause!  Best of all?  THEY ARE OPEN TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!  

So what is The Strong Catalyst you ask?  9 months ago Jordan and I created a community designed specifically for lesbian women, based right here in Philadelphia.  Visibility is one of the greatest struggles lesbians (and really women in general) face and we set out to give a platform for more faces, stories and experiences to express who they are!  And we've been pretty successful!  With 12 photo shoots, several events and one fundraiser under our belt, we are looking to branch out and create new community based experiences.  But since we have done all of this with our own money, resources are running low.  So our hope is these mini sessions help us raise enough funds to create support groups, community based events and bring more unique, relevant, needed resources to the lesbian women in our area!  

These sessions will go quick!  So if you are interested, please visit the link below to purchase your timeslot!  Have questions?  Reach out to us at right now!  We can't wait for these fun, holiday and fall inspired sessions and to have you in front of our camera!  


Alyssa and Timmi - A Pastorius Park Engagement Session

Sometimes the weather just refuses to cooperate.  You make plans for an engagement session for one date and then it rains.  You reschedule and it rains again.  You reschedule again and this time clouds are rolling in but you decide to go for it anyway!  That was how it went for Alyssa and Timmi's engagement session but despite everything, these two and their sweet little one were amazing!  

We spent our time together at a new spot for me, Pastorius Park, but it was perfect!  The outdoor theater, the beautiful lake, their love for each other, all came together for a great engagement session!  And photographing Alyssa?  Oh my it got me so excited to photographer her as a bride!!!  She's a gorgeous girl with such a sweet personality and Timmi clearly loves her so much!  He even made the little letter signs the day of their engagement shoot!  Not every guy would do that!  

I can't wait for next fall when these two tie the knot but for now enjoy a few favorites from their session!  

Baker Family | An In Home Newborn Family Session

For as long as I have been a photographer, I have always said photographing littles was not my thing.  The adorable photos of a newborn in a basket or that perfect first birthday cake smash - not something that I would ever do well!  But when I got contacted by Carly and she asked if I would capture some moments of their daughters first days in this world, I quickly said yes.  This sweet family spent the morning reading books, playing and snuggling sweet little Lua and I had so much fun capturing these moments for them.  Life rushes by us SO quickly and soon this sweet little baby will be a toddler and thats why I believe so strongly that taking a few moments to capture what her life started like is so beautiful.  

Thank you to the sweet Baker family for allowing me into your home and entrusting me to capture these images for you!  I can't wait to see how your family grows and to hopefully capture more of it along the way!  

Launch Day Giveaway!

Love.  Worth.  Strength.  These are things that I know I spent a good portion of my life trying to find.  And I know I am not the only one.  For so many people, chasing those three things becomes what defines who we are.  Who loves me?  Am I worth that person's time? Am I strong enough? Why do I feel unworthy? How can I love better? Where do I find my strength?  Will they love me forever?

Photos are more than images.  They capture who someone is.  Who someone was.  Who someone can be.  And the images I fall in love with time and time again are the ones where bodies relax because they are in the arms of the one they love, where a woman feels beautiful and worthy and she laughs without hesitation because hey, this is actually fun.  Where someone is told that they are strong and needed and they breathe deep, believing those words for maybe even the first time.  Because that is my purpose.  I was made to capture love, to show worth and photograph strong women.  But I didn't know till I was first loved, finally able to see my worth and believed that I was strong.  

This is the new Swiger Photography.  Simplified, bright, clean, and here to showcase the Loved, the Worthy and the Strong.  Its full of beautiful images, blog posts and sessions, advice and a client lounge.  You can even book your session online now!  And I am so proud of the way it looks!  And because no kick off is complete without a give away....

We are giving a way a FREE SESSION!!!!!  Want to win?  

Here are the rules!  

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That's it!  We are SO excited to see who wins this giveaway and to be launching the new look for Swiger Photography!  Winner will be announced next Friday!