Jenna - Philadelphia Doula Branding Session

Jenna Philadelphia Doula Headshots-10.jpg

Meet Jenna, an incredible queer doula located in Philadelphia and to be completely honest, one of the most down to earth humans I have ever met.  Owner of Love Over Fear Wellness, Jenna teaches Yoga, assists folxs with birth and educates a lot people along the way.  We wanted to create images that were both professional but also felt true to who Jenna is as a person, I personally loved the results.  Sessions like these get me so excited because they aren't about typical or traditional headshots, but about showcasing a clients personality, spirit and passion in images they can use across their social media and business.  Which, is honestly a whole lot of fun!    We shot around Jasper Studio (where our studio is located) and I love the images of Jenna talking about what they do because the passion Jenna has for their work is just obvious!   

I am incredibly excited to introduce all of you to Jenna and share some of my fav images from our session!  Should you be in need of a doula who is trauma informed, LGBTQ+ competent and sweet as can be, please reach out to Jenna and let them know I sent ya their way!  

Philadelphia Headshot Session - Sebastian

Sebastian Philly Studio Headshots-122.jpg

I have had the insane pleasure of knowing this sweet guy for over 3 years now.  We met at queer photoshoot I was hire doing and I instantly found his down to earth, well spoken, kind ways the most charming fresh breath of air.  Over the years, I have witnessed him blossom into a man that puts others first, is humble and funny, cares about our community immensely and has a laugh and smile that will put anyone at ease.  He booked me for a headshot session and I have been looking forward to sharing these photos ever since!  He wanted a mix of all the important things in his life...his job, his interest in modeling (and he is one handsome dude so obviously he should pursue that!) and some photos that showcased his impeccable fashion sense.  To me, the results are perfection and I love that so many of the photos he is laughing in!  

What's even more exciting is he is moving in the coming months to the other side of the country, so before he leaves we are doing one more session and I can not WAIT for Saturday!  Sebastian, thank you for always being so kind to me and Jordan, trusting me vision and for making me laugh endlessly.  We are going to fiercely miss you but are so excited for what the next chapter of your life holds!  Enjoy my favorites from this session and get ready to see this handsome guy here again really soon!  

Martisha - Philly Modeling Session

Philadelphia Model Photographer

I instantly liked Martisha when started messaging about her session at our Philadelphia Photography Studio.  She is so incredibly sweet and gracious and from the moment she and her partner showed up for her shoot, it was like she was already a friend.  Her bubbly personality, contagious laugh and fiery confidence was so easy and natural to photograph!  She was in need of some new modeling photos and so we used her session to get a ton of different looks, shooting everything from more traditional headshots to boudoir to some edgy street looks and I LOVE the results.  We shot all over Jasper Studios and I can honestly say, this was one of my favorite sessions to date because it gave both her and I a lot of diverse images!  And I just adored working with her!

Martisha thank you for allowing me to work with you and for having such confidence in me!  I can not wait to collaborate with you again on future projects and to see where your acting and modeling career takes you!  Enjoy some of my favorites!  

Emily - Philadelphia Headshot Session

When we moved into our studio space, one thing that I was excited to be able to offer more consistently was headshots!  While I love boudoir sessions, I also really believe in providing an experience that makes anyone who walks through my door feel incredible and a headshot session should do just that.  Headshots can mean different things depending on who you are, what you are looking for and what field you are in and so when Emily wanted something that had a real, approachable feel, I was super excited!  Our session was so easy and we both loved the way she popped in front of the studios 200 year old brick!  Between her four looks we were able to capture a lot of variety in just 40 minutes and I LOVE the results!  

Emily, thank you for being so sweet and easy to work with and I hope you loved the results of your session!  Here are just a few of my favorites from our time together, but honestly I had such a hard time choosing since they are all amazing!!


Want more information of how to schedule your own session?  Visit the contact tab and send us an email and we will give you all the details!  Our main package is just $180 and is exactly what Emily booked for her session!  

Andi - Old City Philadelphia Headshot Session

Summer is in full effect here in Philadelphia (did you see the forecast for the next week?!?) and so I figured I'd kick off one hot weekend with one hot queer Philly headshot session!  If you have been around for a while you've already meet Andi (you can check out her previous session HERE) but if you're new, let me introduce to this Philadelphia massage therapist and all around badass burlesquer.  Andi and her adorable fiancé Siona are leaving the Philly area later this summer but before she leaves we took a few minutes to get her some new headshots that felt like her. 

One of the things I love most about my job is that I get to work with so many different folks I the Philly LGBTQ+ community and that I can help them create images that feel authentic to who they are.  Headshots are so often seen as stuffy, rigid and uptight, but I believe that professional photos should speak to who you are, what you do and allow potential clients, bosses, colleagues, etc to get an idea of who you are, all before officially meeting you in person.  And for my LGBTQ+ business owners and professionals, that often means working to create space where they feel free to be themselves, not someone else's idea of what looks "professional."

And I think we nailed that with Andi's headshot sessions.  She looks every bit the vibrant, sassy, professional queer that she is and I for one am so happy for her and Siona and there next adventure.  Enjoy a few of my favorites from our headshot mini session!

Want a headshot session of your own?  Let's do it!  You can click HERE to head to our contact page to get started to talking about how I can work with you too!  

Alex - Old City Philadelphia Headshot Session

Alex - Old City Philadelphia Headshot Session

We spent about an hour wandering around Old City Philadelphia and she got so many different types of images in that time!   I love how these turned out and am thrilled to share them with all of you!

Malcolm Kenyatta - Philly LGBTQ Powerhouse

Malcolm Kenyatta is "north Philly's biggest fan" and after spending even 5 minutes with him, you'll be saying he is too.  This political and social justice powerhouse is the leader of the Philadelphia LGBTQ Democratic Party, Liberty City Democrats (click here to find more about what they are all about!!)  and also serves on the Mayor's Commission for LGBTQ Affairs.  But perhaps more impressive than his many accomplishments is that he possess the unique ability to make someone feel heard and seen, even if just in passing.  His passion for the Philly community seeps from his every pore and we had SO much fun photographing him!  We love the images of him talking and we are thrilled to share some of favs with you!  

Brittany - Actor Studio Headshots

Today's blog post is a little more special than normal, because the photos themselves are extra amazing, but because of the woman in them.  It isn't often I have the oppertunity to do studio based headshots or that I get to photograph talented actresses but when I knew I had an opening during our Boudoir Marathon on January, I reached out to Brittany to see if she might want to come in.  You see, Brittany happens to also be my younger sister.  My entire life, while she has been younger than me, I have always had this sense of awe when it came to her.  She was pretty, well spoken, smart, kind and could diffuse almost any situation growing up.  And as she has grown up, I have found myself more and more inspired by her own belief in herself.  She's 26 and starting to make steps toward an acting career the last couple years.  Despite this sounding like a near impossible idea, she has taken steps to understand what it would take, how to get where she wants to go and what her life might look like were she to get asked to do a role.  And I honestly couldn't be more proud.  

While I am adopted and we don't share the same genetics or family history, something about the way we grew up caused both of us to have the tenacious belief that the crazy and sometimes laughable is actually possible.  While we don't share a love of cooking or certain kinds of films or understandings of many things, we share a love of the creative and of telling stories.  And to be honest, I love that we are different in so many ways, but that we both share those things too.  

Brittany, thank you for taking the time to let me photograph you.  As your big sis, I know I often want to protect you or pretend that you are so much younger than I am but honestly, you have grown into a woman I both admire and respect.  I hope you love these headshots and that as you keep heading toward an acting career you always know that Jordan and I will always be some of your biggest fans.  


Stephanie - The Worthy Headshot Shoot at Ridley State Park

Ohhhhh ya'll this is a good one.  I have known of Stephanie for a long time.  Its hard to be out in the LGBTQ scene in Philly and not have run into this pretty lady but I hadn't ever had the chance to hang out and talk to her before!  And let me tell you, this sex educator is so down to earth!  Not to mention stunningly beautiful.  

She started a little nervous but by the time I showed her a few frames, the nerves calmed and the magic began!  I think for some of us, as comfortable in our own skin as we are, its nerve wracking to have your photo taken.  But we are all worthy of having beautiful headshots and a great experience getting them and judging by the comments on facebook, it seems she loves the results!  

Stephanie, Jordan and I loved having the chance to photograph you and get to know you better!  You seriously killed your session and I can't wait to follow along with all the places you will be using your headshots!  And seriously, you're gorgeous girl!