Ridley State Park

Niki and Jen Fall Engagement Shoot at Ridley Creek State Park

Niki and Jen Fall Engagement Shoot at Ridley Creek State Park

There are some locations I will never tire of shooting at and Ridley Creek State Park is certainly one of them!  Niki and Jen choose this location for their engagement shoot and they showed up SO nervous for our session!  I get it though!  Having your photo taken is nerve wracking and a little scary especially as an LGBTQ couple but ten minutes in of showing them back of the camera previews and ooo-ing over how freakin cute they are, had these two relaxed and laughing.

Stephanie - The Worthy Headshot Shoot at Ridley State Park

Ohhhhh ya'll this is a good one.  I have known of Stephanie for a long time.  Its hard to be out in the LGBTQ scene in Philly and not have run into this pretty lady but I hadn't ever had the chance to hang out and talk to her before!  And let me tell you, this sex educator is so down to earth!  Not to mention stunningly beautiful.  

She started a little nervous but by the time I showed her a few frames, the nerves calmed and the magic began!  I think for some of us, as comfortable in our own skin as we are, its nerve wracking to have your photo taken.  But we are all worthy of having beautiful headshots and a great experience getting them and judging by the comments on facebook, it seems she loves the results!  

Stephanie, Jordan and I loved having the chance to photograph you and get to know you better!  You seriously killed your session and I can't wait to follow along with all the places you will be using your headshots!  And seriously, you're gorgeous girl!