Philadelphia Headshot Session - Sebastian

Sebastian Philly Studio Headshots-122.jpg

I have had the insane pleasure of knowing this sweet guy for over 3 years now.  We met at queer photoshoot I was hire doing and I instantly found his down to earth, well spoken, kind ways the most charming fresh breath of air.  Over the years, I have witnessed him blossom into a man that puts others first, is humble and funny, cares about our community immensely and has a laugh and smile that will put anyone at ease.  He booked me for a headshot session and I have been looking forward to sharing these photos ever since!  He wanted a mix of all the important things in his life...his job, his interest in modeling (and he is one handsome dude so obviously he should pursue that!) and some photos that showcased his impeccable fashion sense.  To me, the results are perfection and I love that so many of the photos he is laughing in!  

What's even more exciting is he is moving in the coming months to the other side of the country, so before he leaves we are doing one more session and I can not WAIT for Saturday!  Sebastian, thank you for always being so kind to me and Jordan, trusting me vision and for making me laugh endlessly.  We are going to fiercely miss you but are so excited for what the next chapter of your life holds!  Enjoy my favorites from this session and get ready to see this handsome guy here again really soon!  

Martisha - Philly Modeling Session

Philadelphia Model Photographer

I instantly liked Martisha when started messaging about her session at our Philadelphia Photography Studio.  She is so incredibly sweet and gracious and from the moment she and her partner showed up for her shoot, it was like she was already a friend.  Her bubbly personality, contagious laugh and fiery confidence was so easy and natural to photograph!  She was in need of some new modeling photos and so we used her session to get a ton of different looks, shooting everything from more traditional headshots to boudoir to some edgy street looks and I LOVE the results.  We shot all over Jasper Studios and I can honestly say, this was one of my favorite sessions to date because it gave both her and I a lot of diverse images!  And I just adored working with her!

Martisha thank you for allowing me to work with you and for having such confidence in me!  I can not wait to collaborate with you again on future projects and to see where your acting and modeling career takes you!  Enjoy some of my favorites!  

Emily - Philadelphia Headshot Session

When we moved into our studio space, one thing that I was excited to be able to offer more consistently was headshots!  While I love boudoir sessions, I also really believe in providing an experience that makes anyone who walks through my door feel incredible and a headshot session should do just that.  Headshots can mean different things depending on who you are, what you are looking for and what field you are in and so when Emily wanted something that had a real, approachable feel, I was super excited!  Our session was so easy and we both loved the way she popped in front of the studios 200 year old brick!  Between her four looks we were able to capture a lot of variety in just 40 minutes and I LOVE the results!  

Emily, thank you for being so sweet and easy to work with and I hope you loved the results of your session!  Here are just a few of my favorites from our time together, but honestly I had such a hard time choosing since they are all amazing!!


Want more information of how to schedule your own session?  Visit the contact tab and send us an email and we will give you all the details!  Our main package is just $180 and is exactly what Emily booked for her session!  

Anna - An Edgy Lokal Hotel Philadelphia Boudoir Shoot

Anna - An Edgy Lokal Hotel Philadelphia Boudoir Shoot

I remember reaching out to Anna and asking if she would be willing to model for me while I was shooting my summer boudoir marathon at Lokal Hotel in Old City Philadelphia and was THRILLED when she said yes.  Often my clients choose to not allow me to share their images online so whenever I can I try to work with a few models here and there so I can show new work and I knew that I wanted to show something a little edgier and darker this go around! 

Kimberly - Dapper South Philly Headshot Session

Strong Eleven-101.jpg

I have always thought Kimberly has the BEST style and so when I was able to photographer her as part of The Strong Catalyst's Queer Women of Color shoot, I was pretty excited!  These shoots go really fast and so often I am having to photograph each woman in a matter of minutes but Kimberly was such a natural that we got a lot of different shots!  The free sessions are to help showcase the diversity in the Philadelphia LGBTQ community and each of the participants get to have a few new portraits of themselves as well!  And rumor has it, that there is another shoot happening soon!  If you are a LGBTQ woman in the Philly area, reach out and I'll get you all the details!  For now, enjoy a few of my favorites of this dapper AF veteran!  

Harker - Black and White Old City Session

SS5 (31).jpg

Last week I shared that I am trying to blog more of my work that has been sitting on my hard drive for months and today I am sharing some of my favs from this shoot from last summer with Harker.  She's not only gorgeous (I mean do you see that smile?!) but also has a heart of gold.  Her passion for social justice and all around badassery is just two of the many reasons everyone should know about her, but what I love most is how highly her friends speak of her.  To me, there is nothing more telling of a persons character than hearing over and over how awesome, kind and loving someone is, and that's exactly the way people have described her to me.  Enjoy a few of my favs from our session together!!  

Lucy - A North Jersey At Home Newborn Session

Lucy Edits-112.jpg

I have been itching to blog this session for weeks and haven't had the time but now that I do, ohhhhh ya'll.  Get ready to oooo and ahhhh at sweet little Lucy and her family.  Alex and Patrick hired me to shoot their wedding last year just 17 days before they said "I do" and while for most photographers this might have made them lose their minds, their wedding was one of my top 3 weddings I have ever shot.  So when Alex reached out and said they were due with a little girl in June and would I be willing to come out and photograph her and their families, the answer was duh!!!  I wasn't ready though for how much love would be at this shoot.  Little Lucy is one lucky little girl because not only do her parents love her very much, her uncle and grandparents do too!  

I spent Father's Day photographing all of them at Alex's parents house and I just love these photos so much!  Lucy was a week old and we got so many great images that narrowing it down to blog was SO HARD!  But I somehow did it, so please, enjoy some of my favs from this sweet at home newborn session!  

Jessica - Pinup Session in Old City Philadelphia

Strong Four-178.jpg

I remember this day last spring like it was yesterday.  Jessica walked up to our group for a shoto for The Strong Catalyst and instantly I knew I was going to really really like this chick.  Her pinup style, those piercing eyes, her sarcasm, humor and then she dropped the bombshell that she also owned a lingerie company.  And as they say, the rest is history.  

Recently I realized how many of my shoots never made it to the blog and I just couldn't let beautiful images like this one just sit on my hard drive so better late than never, I am sharing these photos!   I love Jess's style, that color on her and the way she looks both classic and fresh.  And don't even get me started on how much Jordan and I adore her as a person too!  Enjoy a handful of my favorites and look for more blog posts from when Strong Shoots coming soon!!!