Launch Day Giveaway!

Love.  Worth.  Strength.  These are things that I know I spent a good portion of my life trying to find.  And I know I am not the only one.  For so many people, chasing those three things becomes what defines who we are.  Who loves me?  Am I worth that person's time? Am I strong enough? Why do I feel unworthy? How can I love better? Where do I find my strength?  Will they love me forever?

Photos are more than images.  They capture who someone is.  Who someone was.  Who someone can be.  And the images I fall in love with time and time again are the ones where bodies relax because they are in the arms of the one they love, where a woman feels beautiful and worthy and she laughs without hesitation because hey, this is actually fun.  Where someone is told that they are strong and needed and they breathe deep, believing those words for maybe even the first time.  Because that is my purpose.  I was made to capture love, to show worth and photograph strong women.  But I didn't know till I was first loved, finally able to see my worth and believed that I was strong.  

This is the new Swiger Photography.  Simplified, bright, clean, and here to showcase the Loved, the Worthy and the Strong.  Its full of beautiful images, blog posts and sessions, advice and a client lounge.  You can even book your session online now!  And I am so proud of the way it looks!  And because no kick off is complete without a give away....

We are giving a way a FREE SESSION!!!!!  Want to win?  

Here are the rules!  

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That's it!  We are SO excited to see who wins this giveaway and to be launching the new look for Swiger Photography!  Winner will be announced next Friday!