Confessions of love, worth and it taking a village

Confession?  I don't do this job alone.  Sometimes it might feel like it's just me when the editing has piled up and there are so many emails to answer but this job is made possible by so many people who have believed in me.  And sometimes I don't thank them enough.  You see, several months ago I had the privilege of planning and photographing the wedding of two amazing ladies, Rita and Angela.  It was crazy, but it was something I had done before and I knew I would need a small village to pull it off.  So I pulled together a team, crossing my fingers that things would go as planned and the day would go off without a hitch.  

And that is the furthest thing from what happened.  From issues with the venue, making appetizers for 100 people, vendors showing up late and of course, the POURING rain, it was madness.  But every time I look at their wedding photos, I can't help but tear up because there were so many people that came together to make that day, inspite of the madness, utter perfection.  From Kristin, who was hired to do hair, cutting flowers and setting up tables because she got there her sweet wife who just did whatever was Lesa for watching our dog and keeping an eye on our house while we were my best friend Ashley staying up late and waking up early and working all day long making things my sister for cutting, popping, slicing, cooking and everything in Simon for rolling with the punches and being the most amazing bartender and bringing in Jackson to Heather for constantly giving me options, smiling and cleaning so Emily for making everyone look Sharon for being an incredible second shooter, a calm prescence and there to do whatever was needed...and last but not least, to Jordan who put up with all my craziness and worked her ass off that day, and really, every day.  It took a village.  And it took two people who believed in me to bring that village together to create the perfect wedding day.  

But isn't that the best way?  So often I find myself trying to do it all - and I know so many of you are right there with me.  We tell ourselves that we can do it!  That we are strong enough to do it all.  We are told that the best business are the ones who are able to do it all and do it perfectly.  Asking for help is often one of the hardest things we can do because it makes us feel as though we don't have it all together.  But here is a confession for you.  We don't.  We almost never do.  And when we allow others to help, to love us, and be our village, we can do SO much more than we can alone.  If it weren't for the help of all of those people...that wedding would have been a vision in my head, not an actual event that took place.  

If you find yourself struggling, in work, in things around the house, in anything really, ask yourself when the last time you asked someone to help you.  Have you admitted that on your own you aren't doing all that you want to?  Are there people who are around you who you would call your village but you haven't asked them for help in awhile?  I would bet that those that love you, want to help and that you'll feel better with them helping you achieve the things you want to.  

To my wonderful village...I love you all.  Thank you for being the best vendors, friends, family and team a girl could ask for.  And here are a few of my favorite behind the scenes photos of that perfectly unperfect wedding day!  

Cindy and Scott - A Doylestown Mercer Museum Wedding

I remember meeting Cindy and Scott at a Starbucks in Doylestown last fall and talking about their spring wedding like it was yesterday.  Cindy was a bundle of nerves and excitement, Scott ever as much her calm and cool other half.  The way they leaned into each other and talked about their wedding plans had me so excited for their wedding, but what I didn't realize then was that these two really understand what true love looks like.  

At their ceremony, the priest talked about who they both were as people.  They are both older and on their second marriage and they both have kids from those previously relationships.  Each of them had a great respect for the other, for the family they had created.  And they both believed full heartedly that God had brought them to this place and they were honored to call each other theirs.  It was beautiful.  He described them as kind, full of life and love people, genuine and joyous.  And that couldn't be more true.  All day long, Scott seemed in awe of Cindy, that she was his to love.  And what better is there?  They have a love that is based on faith, and trust and pure joy in who the other is and it was magic to photograph! 

They had the most perfect spring wedding, surrounded by their families and friends.  We loved getting to shoot at one of our dream venues, The Mercer Museum!  It's so full of history and grandeur and made for the perfect location for their day.  Their sweet little grand kids stole the show and I teared up more than once thinking about how sweet it will be for them to one day have these photos to look back on when they get married! 

So congrats Scott and Cindy!  May your love always be as sweet as it was that day!  And enjoy a few of my favorites!

Lee and Alex - A Valley Forge Park Queer Engagement Session

I can't believe that I will have the honor of photographing these two again in just FIVE days!  Lee and Alex are tying the knot on Saturday at a family farm and last weekend we met up to shoot their engagement photos!  It was so fun getting to this awesome couple as we explored around Valley Forge National Park!  From the moment we started taking pictures, it was obvious that their love is built on a lot of laughter.  And coming from 2 years of marriage, I can tell you that a love that is full of laughter makes for the best kind of life!  But seriously though, these two are so easy going, down to earth and obviously in love that you can't help but like being around them.  

Lee and Alex, I can't wait for this weekend and being so honored to capture the start of this exciting next chapter in your lives.  I am crossing my fingers for the perfect weather and the most amazing day for the two of you!  For now, enjoy a few of my favs and look forward to seeing them again real soon!